Chrysalis Portrait 2 by KP-ShadowSquirrel

Friendship is Magic finally wins an award, this time being the Tubey award for Favorite Animated Series, the Washington Post reports.

“My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is the best animated series on television. This news comes via the results of the 2012 Tubey Awards, the ninth annual Television Without Pity honors that recognize the best and worst of TV in a way that breathes some irreverent oxygen into the pre-Emmy Awards show hype.

Television Without Pity, which is owned by NBC Universal, allows both its editors and readers to vote in 80 categories both traditional (best TV drama) and non-traditional (best performance by an inanimate object). It’s that reader vote that propelled “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” to the winner’s position in the best animated series category, even though the TWoP editors chose “South Park” instead. Clearly there is a small brony contingent among TWoP editors, and an extremely large one (duh) on the Internet.

  • Buck. Yes. Finally!

    • Aponymous

      *scrolls down to article and pulls a Pinkie Pie gasp* FiM won a Tubey!!! Finally,I really disagree with the TWoP’s editors pick-hmm 1 comment? *clicks on ‘Comments (1)’ and suddenly,out of nowhere celing Derpy appears*

      oh,um hello there Derpy uh care for a blueberry muffin? ^_^’

      seriously whoever embeded the ceiling derpy into the page,kudos! even if you just don’t know what went wrong…or right ;)

  • Pandela

    I knew we could do it!