Relevant because I totally bought this on a badge from Scuttlebutt-Inc this weekend.

I think it will be at least!

here are a bunch of links to photo galleries others put up.

[Ponychan thread]

Well, unfortunately I caught some nasty cold on sunday night so I’m not feeling up to making a full-length write-up article like I did for ACEN earlier this year, I’ll most likely get over it soon and attempt it at the end of the week.

I wanted to thank all the artists in the Artist’s Alley for all the neat pony stuff! A lot of it was sold out by Saturday.

I got business cards from pretty much all of them (if i missed yours, let me know!)

Pony Artists at Artist Alley with Deviantart links:
Shauna J. Grant (tumblr, I know she has a dA. Just can’t find it right now)

Seana Bombard
Stefanie B
M.a.D Hatters – sadly there are no pony things here, but they were selling pony stuff!
Nightengale Needles – Sold the pinkie pie and rainbow dash hats!

There was also a silent auction where there were a couple pony things for sale.
The most notable was a 2 1/2′ x 4′ digital painting of the mane 6 with Derpy in the background and all the pets. Going for $250 the last time I checked it. Unforunately they didn’t allow cameras in the silent auction areas! (If you’re the one who won this, or know how much it went for at the end please drop me a line!)