by ~sanora
So about an hour ago, EqD posted an article containing some videos about how to recover from a youtube take down, but made kind of a mysterious note that Hasbro was in fact behind most of the recent channel take downs.  Personally in my own notes, there has been no known evidence outside the whole PonyArchive Incident which has very little to do with YT take downs.  Someone named abcd posted a comment on that EqD article with actual proof.
An YouTuber known as “UploadingIsMagic” had their channel taken down multiple times, and actually wrote to Hasbro.  Hasbro then replied.

We are glad to see that you are a fan of HASBRO’s MY LITTLE PONY(C) Friendship is Magic (TM) animated television series.

While Hasbro appreciates the enthusiasm and support of its many MY LITTLE PONY(R) fans, it must protect its intellectual property rights, and we cannot permit the copying and posting of full or partial MY LITTLE PONY(R) Friendship is Magic(tm) episodes to YOutube or anywhere else.

To that end, Hasbro’s policy is to request that YouTube remove any Friendship is Magic ™ episodes (full or partial) that have been uploaded without permission.  Unfortunately, an inadvertent typo in a few of our take-down notices seems to have created the misimpression that these requests were not legitimate and did not emanate directly from Hasbro.  We regret the confusion that this has caused.

As a fan of the MY LITTLE PONY Friendship is Magic series we trust that you will respect Hasbro’s desire to protect the integrity of the show as well as its intellectual property rights.

Fans can watch episodes and dips at as well as purchase episodes from the iTunes store.

You can find UploadingIsMagic’s video here, the above is the main point.  So the take downs, at least the episode take downs can be switched from being trolls, to Hasbro.

Much like the PA Incident, I do foresee people freaking out, people who will get angry at Hasbro, and the whole nine yards.  Yeah, it is kind of biting the hand that feeds them, and Hasbro is not a bro.  Hasbro is a company with one purpose, to make money.  They have DVDs and have had iTunes sales, and so far have been nice to use for an entire year.

Flat out it does suck, as it will effect things like the Synctube groups, even abridged series like Friendship is Witchcraft if they so deem it a partial episode (I’m hoping they more mean by partial as in those who cannot upload more than 10 minutes).

The biggest issue is the fact that basically no one outside of the United States can get their hands on the episode, the iTunes versions are only available to certain regions, even the HubWorld site blocks out certain countries.  If you know where to look, trust me, you’ll find the episodes

The other thing I keep seeing is people who have assumed that Hasbro was okay with the YouTube channels.  There was really never anything from Hasbro directly that said that.  The people who said they were okay with it, was namely Lauren Faust & Studio B.  The Hub nor Hasbro has ever said anything officially about allowing the episodes to be on YouTube.

And that’s your kick in the nuts for Monday.

  • Anonymous

    Sad indeed, but respect them we must.

    I didn't bother watching the video, but the first thing I read in the comments was "So? Just keep uploading them. Without Youtube the show wouldn't be this popular. Fuck Hasbro."

  • Anonymous

    Friendship is Witchcraft and other abridged clips like those are in fact legal to produce because they are using the clip in parody. It is actually a legal loophole for those types of videos thanks to copyright law.

  • Anonymous

    Nooooooo! (muffins)

    Its totally legit but for practical purposes I can't and won't shell out for individual DVDs even though I understand why Shout! won't release a box set. But honestly MLP:FiM is made in what looks like Flash animator. You could probably fit a whole season on one Blu-ray. That would be cost effective. Still I understand that probably wouldn't go over well in marketing. I also don't like iTunes quality videos so until this is a retro fad I probably won't own ponies on any medium. Maybe they could sell Hasbro season passes where you can watch all the episodes on a website for a yearly fee? I'm not getting cable for one show on one channel (that you also have to pay extra for)

  • Anonymous

    Weeeeell, not that I want to encourage illegal activity, but there's no damn way Hasbro could stop, for instance, torrents.

    So this is really a doomed enterprise on their part and all it's doing is giving them bad PR.

  • Fluttertroll

    Well its about time we heard something official. While it saddens me that we'll see less and less of the episodes on youtube… Its good to see Hasbro finally come out of the box here.. They ARE taking down the YT episodes so they can sell they're dvds and itunes clips.

    And that makes sense, Many of us have wanted to support the show other than buying Show-inaccurate toys or endure the torture that is "Friendship is magic Live" and here it is. Hoof delivered by derpy herself

    Regardless of the ignorant people who ignore the pirates code (Download it for free… if you like it BUY IT to support the makers… if you don't, delete it and get something you do) I'm sure nothing is seriously going to change on our end. Resourceful individuals will find themselves with ponies soon enough. People will cry and whine…"THE FANDOM IS DIEING!" Most of those are the "Unsavory" people Plaster was talking about in DHS…. Don't want em… don't really need em…

    Thanks for keeping us updated Derpysquad as always this is the best place to be for actual news

  • Daisymare

    It says we can all watch the show on so all is fine.

  • DerpySquad

    Unless you live in one of the many countries that are blocked by the HubWorld player. That's the main concern in my book.

  • Telofy

    Yup, I have to proxy to watch them there. With my German IP I only get a spinning Hub logo.

  • XyroTR1

    Personally I thought everyone knew. From the very first time I got hit with a takedown, it was from Hasbro.

    As I mentioned on EqD, I believe this move is not necessarily done out of a necessity to actually remove the episodes from YouTube, but to appease their lawyers and investors. Those groups are very protectionist, and respond well to the company acting on IP violations. However, Hasbro has done nothing aside from PonyArchive's C&D (a completely understandable move) and YouTube takedowns (also, very understandable, and very BASIC). The YouTube uploaders, myself included, have heard nothing from Hasbro regarding an official request to C&D operations. Hopefully we don't get to that point (and I'm assuming we won't if we do this right), so everyone should stay hopeful and optimistic right now. And give Hasbro some praise for making such an awesome show. :)

  • Hound

    Still grain of salt and everything with the legitimacy of this coming from a second hand source that claims they are being truthful about Hasbro take downs (and Hasbro actually making a typo in their name still seems a bit off and covers that was actually trolling a while back when they were hitting Pony related material along with Full and Part one and Two uploads) Overall if they want to remove Full HD Quality and Part 1 and 2 uploads (what I hope they mean by partial) then fine as long as they leave the rest of the fandom intact.

  • No_Longer_Anon

    Sadly I don’t own a TV, so I can’t really watch the hub. Nor will I give money to apple who will use that money to bully little 2 man open-source software projects who simply used the word “appstore” in their program. But I’m not worried. The fandom is far too large for episodes to not appear on youtube, even if they are not up for more than 3 hours.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    With regards to witchcraft and such, if something is done as a parody (ie yugioh abridged or whatever) then it’s classified as a parody and is covered basically by fair use.
    Weird Al has said himself that parodying any artists work is covered regardless of whether or not the owner gives permission, but it’s a personal thing that he gets it. We need pay no such heed, though it would be nice.

    And yeah you can’t really be a big corporation and say ‘hey come buy these but oh wait look we don’t care that you can get it free from these guys’

    They’re doing something to stop downloaders but I don’t imagine they’re going to try and go full on draconic YOU MUST BUY THIS OR DIE sort of protection, at least not yet. If they were pushing for a completely global release of everything and had millions banking on people buying the episodes or something, then yeah they might.

    As it is I see no mention outside of a couple ads about the toys, as I said before I understand the sky episodes are defunct and never took off, while free tv has picked up shows like strawberry shortcake.

    What I’m getting at is there’s no way they can lose money from me stealing what I couldn’t pay for if I wanted to. (Which I do, hence my wall of toys)

  • Not Skrillex

    My little pony friendship is magic would not be as well known if not for YouTube. Fuck Hasbro I say.

  • dew

    that’s all well and fine for their US audience but speaking for myself I can’t watch hub world or get them of iTunes

  • 8ftmetalhead

    @dew – I’m in New Zealand so I just download them all, same as the rest of my brony group.

    That’s what I was saying, there’s no way of getting the episodes here via hub or itunes AFAIK so I don’t mind stealing them, simply on the basis that they’re losing no money from an audience they can’t otherwise reach.

    Even then I have no itunes rips because itunes is itunes.

    As for where to get the eps, there’s many places. Many places.
    Not that new zealand can use them, we’ve basically got a sopa type bill for torrents now. Thankfully there are plenty of downloads on file locker sites.

  • ManeFlame

    I’d respect the rights more if they would, oh I dunno, tell the DVD makers to make a season set. Or at least volumes that go in chronological order.

    Not all of us use iTunes. Not to mention some of us like physical copies of what we buy. $50 for a digital copy that, once made once, doesn’t have costs to manufacture… yeah no.

    Heck, even if they had em on the website or something ala South Park Studios where it was a week later or so.

  • Dapperghast

    Man, up until now I’ve used MLP as a shining example of how to handle your shit. Personally I watched the episodes on youtube, then proceeded to buy them on itunes (even shelling out an extra ten for irrelevant HD I’m never going to use because they earned it), and will prolly get the DVDs too if they ever deliver because I really just like being able to marathon through it on my PS3 and Itunes is all “What if we took the best parts of digital distribution…. and replaced them with more of the worst parts?”

  • I am quite saddened by this path hasbro laid out for everypony, since this computer is often low on memory i have to delete a few episodes every once in a wile(due to the episodes holding most of it). I am glad that they have not YET removed the megaupload downloads produced by mentos and I guess I will have to look else were for the season 2 episodes. If the hub broadcasted here in the UK I would not really have a problem. now, time to face the other option: itunes. I can’t get the episodes there because:

    1.) I don’t have and apple ID (nor could I)

    2.) My mom and dad are completely against me being able to buy things online.

    3.) 50 dollars for just ONE SEASON!?! 20 dollars would be reasonable for one series, but 50? that is like buying a candy bar for $10.

    I, overall, have a bitter-sweet attitude to this plan, but I would not “bite the hand that feeds us”. rather I would look else were instead for something else to eat from.

  • Anonymous

    Well, isn’t this nice?

    MLP:FiM became so wildly popular BECAUSE anyone could watch it on youtube. Now that it has turned into a nice little cash cow for them, they want to try and squeeze more out of the community.

    Just, typical. There’s one answer to this insult: boycott Hasbro.