It’s that time of the year! New merchandise is starting to crop up here and there. I’ve compiled a small list for people interested:

Glimmer Wings Fluttershy: seen in a few US walmarts, also available on Hasbro’s online store (free shipping on orders of $50, too!)

Glimmer Wings Daisy Dreams: seen in a few US walmarts, also available on Hasbro’s online store

Fashion style Luna and Celestia: spotted in a few US walmarts. Not much difference from their first release; these ones are tinsel and glitter free, and come with different outfits. Luna’s hair is dark blue and purple in this wave, and Celestia is still pink.

Pony Wedding singles: spotted all around Canada, though it seems like just the mane six at this point (I haven’t heard anything about Lyra and Trixie, somebody correct me if I’m wrong! I don’t live in Canada)

Giant talking Cadence: a few sightings in Australia and NZ (possibly other places internationally?)


…and that’s all I’ve heard about! Keep an eye out if you’re looking for any of these guys, and now that the singles are available in Canada and Cadence has been seen in a few spots, the Wedding line seems like it should be out entirely soon enough. It’s about time!

  • Mosflow

    I`m just happy that canada got some pony merchandise. and yes it only seems to be the mane six

  • I saw Fluttershy at Target!=0