Fluttershy Plush Sells for $2500

why is it that i only know poor fans. At first, I thought “Wow, I’m sure a lot of time and effort went into making this, but $2.5k for a 10″ plush?” but looking at the detailed photos, I thought “I hope they’re actually paying for this.”

What really sets this apart from other plushes, aside from the obvious embellishments, is that it just may be the most articulate, on-model plush I’ve seen made, even topping the licensed Hasbro dolls (which I guess isn’t that hard to do anyway). All the elements that you usually see as decals on other dolls, like the eyes and cutie mark, are stitched on. Even all of the accessories are hand-cut and stitched, and not some stuck-on piece of plastic. It’s also made with “minky” a type of microfiber fabric.

And I thought I’d seen it all when this life-size Rainbow Dash went for $5k.

via eBay

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    No money no pony, I better start buying lottery tickets, luckily one day I'll be able to buy a plush.

  • Zodrache69

    I'm not a big fan of Fluttershy, but I must agree, that plushie is just AWESOME!!!!

  • Mike

    the best Fluttershy plushie I've ever seen…

    I'd buy it at that price if it were also kevlar-laced and bullet-proof.

  • The Dread Pirate Roberts

    I see this and I start to wonder if there are trolls intentionally driving up the bids, perhaps by stating that they will buy the plushie and do something horrible to it, and then opening a bidding war…

    Either way, I hope Hasbro is paying attention to this. Behold, the purchasing power of Bronies!

  • Spazz

    ^I would hope that if a troll scenario like that were true, the seller would be alerted and reject the troll's bid/win.

  • E_chin

    well that's a very well done plushy

  • HowBoutBrony


  • Vi/co/din

    I like her mane.
    Seriously, though, that shit is aMAZING.

  • E.B.

    must…buy…her… she’s my favorite

  • Whillmar

    So… So… So Fluttershy.

    High price is nothing. But she is only one example, that’s bad. I have no these money now, and then it will be too late.

    I guess I have to take photos and make my own custom. With cheap materials.

  • Scottie

    I…. I just want to hug her…

  • Scottie

    She looks so fucking comfy and soft.. I suddenly realize that I MUST have a MLP plushie… I have to find a Pinkie Pie one!