FOBEquestria – Military Bronies Community: Looking for Staff Help

Home of the military bronies.

Fan of the show and serving in the military? There’s a group for that, and they are looking for some help. Here’s some copy pasta for ya’ll.

FOB Equestria, the community website for military bronies, are looking for a few qualified and skilled individuals to join our ranks as staff members. These are the positions we are looking to fill:

Head of Music
The individual must have extensive knowledge of the musical culture and artists within the Brony community. Experience with the creation of music is a plus.

Content Scouts
The individual must have a good knowledge of social media and the Brony communities within them. To quote Twilight Sparkle: “Monitor everything!”

We are looking for skilled writers for professionally written articles and blog posts. Knowledge of the Brony community and a creative language is a must.

Please send all applications with all qualifying criteria to titled with the position you are applying for.

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