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by ~MrDouche89

Over the week there has been a few things cropped up news & merchandise wise that we didn’t post as a stand alone article. So as always, here is your Morning Edition.

Tara Strong announced for Dragon Con

Tara Strong began her professional acting career at the age of thirteen, performing in Toronto’s Yiddish Theater. She booked several tv and film roles and her first animated series, voicing the title role of Hello Kitty. By the age of sixteen, she had a lead in a sit-com, and voiced more than twenty animated series, as well as several musical theater and TV and film roles. She moved to Los Angeles in 1994, and worked on Party of FiveNational Lampoon’s Senior TripTouched by an AngelSabrina the Teenage Witch, and several other guest roles.

She has enjoyed a very successful voice over career including, Bubbles in The Power Puff Girls, Timmy in The Fairly Odd Parents, Dil in Rugrats, Raven onTeen TitansBatgirlChowderTransformersDrawn TogetherBen 10, Melody in the sequel to The Little Mermaid, and many more. She was nominated for an EMMY for her role in Jakers. She can currently be seen on camera as the teacher, Miss Collins, on Nickelodeon’s hit show Big Time Rush. Tara is extremely excited to step into the fabulous shoes of Harley Quinn in the hit game Arkham City and is also excited about her role as Twilight Sparkle on the hit show My Little Pony. Tara is anxiously awaiting the premiere for the highly anticipated new FOX series, Napoleon Dynamite where she plays various character roles.

Source: Dragoncon.org’s Guest List

Katie Cook & Andy Price @ The Cincinnati Comic Expo

Cincinnati Comic Expo
by *andypriceart

If you haven’t heard the names before, well they are the creative team behind IDW’s upcoming My Little Pony comic book series. Fans have had a bunch of questions, and of course worry that its going to be a different world than what the show is, but both Ms. Cook and Mr. Price have stated they are fans of the show like the rest of us, and plan on producing a comic book that runs with the same theme as the show. The comic itself is due out sometime in November and will primarily be available in comic book stores.

So if you’re going to be at the Cincinnati Comic Expo this September 21st through the 23rd, you can check out the comic book duo.

Source: Andy Price’s Deviant Art

Lyra, Trixie & Other Royal Wedding Figures spotted in New Zealand

As per title. They’re showing up here in New Zealand in the warehouse (sporadically), farmers, and surprisingly, toyworld, which has them on a 2 for 1 special at the moment.

They appear to be bundling up the older stock as well to get rid of it, first we had a huge lot of brushables being paired together and sold 2 for 1, now we’ve got story packs including applebloom and scootaloo’s shop (or something), rainbow dash’s camping trip, among others being sold similarly as 2 in one pack, despite not appearing in stores previously here.

Oh and that old cardboard canterlot castle playset thing, with the shine bright twilight and other random pony is also now at farmers for $30.

Still no word sign of new blind bags though, we’re still on wave 1.

– Alex Strange

Blue Wave Blind Bags , FYE & White Celestia on Taobao

I guess the “Blue Wave” is Wave 5 in the Blind Bag series and apparently they are cropping up in random places. Over in Euroland there has been reports from Germany that a few fans got their hands on some, while over here in the US via Michigan’s Meijer stores seem to also have them. No further reports about them appearing in any other US store though.

Also if you have an FYE store near you there has been a few people who have claimed the chain is now carrying the blind bags. A few of us are planning to check out local FYE stores.

And then finally over on Taobao, the White Celestia figure that is coming out this fall has been spotted in the auctions.

I want to say that we’ve reported on this before, but I’m personally utterly confused on the Blind Bags, what wave is what and how has it so far. Wave 5 aka Blue Wave seems to be hitting the shelves over in Euroland. Seems at least one place here in the US has them, Meijer’s in Michigan. (Source: EqD)

There has also been reports that FYE (For Your Entertainment) is also carrying blind bags, no idea what wave or color though, and truthfully no real confirmed reports yet, I still have to check our local one out.

And then over on the Taobao website, the white Celestia figure has been spotted for sale (here). The figure is due out with the fall line, but its basically become tradition to find them on Taobao’s website a month or two in advance. Be warned though that these figures are probably the ones which did not meet the quality control’s approval, as our own editor Spazz ordered an SDCC Derpy from the site, got the figure with the exception it had some marks on it that probably will not buff out. As you can see in the picture of Celestia her royal boots are not painted. Also note the figure is based off of this figure and not the one we’ve all seen where you push her cutie mark and she talks about her wings.

Old News is Old, Listverse’s Top 10 Background Characters

Never heard of the site, but it seems Derpy was choosen as #4 in their Top 10 Background Characters, joining fellow background characters like The Ice Cream Maker Guy from Star Wars, Figwit of Lord of the Rings, and every Simpson character ever created. The list can be found here.

Madman Entertainment’s DVD Series releases Volume 3, Volume 4 Available for Pre-Order

The third volume of Madman’s Season 1 My Little Pony set is now available and found here on their website. Volume 3 is the last volume of the collector’s box set which I’ll actually be posting a quick review of the product since they sent us one. Volume 4 is also available for pre-order with a release date of October 3rd.

Remember that this is a Region 4 series, which means you basically have to be in Australia or New Zealand (and a few other random places in the world) with a Region 4 DVD player to view it.

Now, it is possible to watch these on your computer. But there is a major catch. Somewhere some international law restricts you from switching your DVD drive’s region setting multiple times, so you are restricted to switching the regional setting only four times. Whatever you pick on the 4th time, is what your DVD drive will be set to, forever. This is something built into the hardward of your DVD drive, so reformatting or re-installing your operating system will do nothing. You will have to buy a new DVD drive (or start buying DVDs for whatever region you got stuck on).

Good if you plan on buying the box set just to add to your pony swag collection and want to view it at least once, bad if you want to watch it all the time.

  • Citrus Rain

    FYE is not For Your Information, that’s fyi.

    FYE is For Your Enertainment. – They sell music and movies.

    • Fixed, its what happens when you write these things at 5am in the morning.

  • Chromadancer

    Just a heads up to anypony wanting to change their DVD drive’s region code — this is a hardware-level change that will only work a limited number of times. Once you’re out of changes, you’re stuck to whatever region you changed it to last — not even formatting and reinstalling Windows will reset it, either. You’ll need a new DVD drive.

    • Thanks for the info, didn’t occur to me it was actually something built into the hardware of the DVD drive. Updated the article to reflect and warn about this.

      • NZBrony

        in some cases it’s possible to flash your dvd’s firmware and reset this. My old PC has an LG drive in it from memory, and I changed it about 16 times with no ill effects.

        Failing this, you can simply use a tool to rip the DVD first and remove region encoding.

        Also thanks for the copy paste. hah.

  • supersonic1995

    Just letting you know, disc 3 of the collectors box is not the last, it still has places for the last 2 discs. Also, the 3rd disc has been altered, the voices are higher in pitch and slightly faster than normal.

    • Hmm, you know I should have caught that looking at the box. I only got the 1st disc and neglected to notice how much space the box has, I’ll make sure to correct myself in the actual review. As for Disc 3, that sucks, sounds like someone or something goofed in production. E-mail them if you haven’t, maybe like the Shout! Factory mistake on their Disc 1, they’ll replace it with a fixed version (and or be alerted if they haven’t heard that before).