Friday Night Community – 11/23/2012

Fluttershy loves roses
by ~ApolloBroDA



Bronytv is proud once again to present it’s traditional mare-a-thon before tomorrow’s new episode. As usual we will have my little pony, with friendship is witchcraft, and a few random surprises along the way, concluding with this weeks new episode . It begins at 7pm est Friday. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE


MLPchan is hosting a fanfiction writeoff for the Thanksgiving weekend:

To kick off fanfiction review community’s presence at, we’re putting up a prize for a writeoff over the Thanksgiving weekend:
The winner will get their choice between a Derpy or Rainbow Dash Funko vinyl collectible pictured here in the thread.

For authors looking for help, critique, review or proofreading of their work, the review community of is an invaluable resource with dedicated reviewers to improve their stories.

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