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  • Herd Census site upgraded, please try again.
  • Brony Radio Announces Gala Weekend Jan 11-12, Featuring 40+ Hours of Live Mixes & Interviews, Supporting Bronies For Good:
The Convention Scene
  • BABSCon Scores Big Jim Miller!
  • Galacon 2014 – BIZAAM Patch Note 3.1

If you have anything you’d like to submit to Friday Night Community, please e-mail it to us at by 3pm Friday.

Streams & Marathons


Missing In Action

World of Equestria


Hello everypony! Join us this Friday, January 10th at 6:00PM EST for our weekly Mare-A-Thon. This week we will be having a mare-a-thon for the episode “Pinkie Apple Pie”, we will also be streaming the episode! We hope that you join us for fun, randomness, silliness, and of course, ponies! That is all every pony, come and hangout with your fellow bronies and we hope you enjoy!

Have any questions? Have an idea for our stream? Please E-Mail us at

Stream Link:






In The Community

Herd Census site upgraded, please try again.

When the 2014 Herd Census launched on New Years, the site was frankly overwhelmed by the volume of interested Bronies who wanted to stand up and be counted. We know that there were a lot of ponies who tried and failed to answer the survey, and we’ve been scrambling to upgrade our facilities so that everypony can be represented.

We’ve completed our upgrades, and should be able to handle the volume now, so we’d like anypony who hasn’t yet completed the 2014 Herd Census survey to try again. If you want to take the survey in English, you can go directly to:

If you want to take it in Russian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese or Chinese, go to:

With the new infrastructure in place, we hope we can get everypony who wants to participate handled. We’ve already counted over 8,000, but that’s still short of the 22,000 we had last year. And since this year’s data will be used for academic research about the herd, we’d doubly anxious to make sure everypony gets a chance!

If you have any difficulties or have questions, you can contact Coder Brony at


Brony Radio Announces Gala Weekend Jan 11-12, Featuring 40+ Hours of Live Mixes & Interviews, Supporting Bronies For Good:


After months of planning, the team at Brony Radio is proud to announce one of the biggest events to happen in the world of pony music all year: the Brony Radio Gala Weekend!

Celebrating the station’s impressive 3 year anniversary, the weekend is jam packed with live mixes, interviews, and special guests.

Here are just a few of the special interviews, with even more planned:

  • Anneli Heed, comedian, voice actress, and the much-loved voice of “Swedish Spitfire”;
  • Julie Bascquez, the French voice of Rarity;
  • Musician Oddysey Eurobeat, creator of “Discord”, “Luna” and many more; and
  • Animator JanAnimations, creator of “Button’s Adventures”, “Don’t Mine at Night”, “Picture Perfect Pony” and many other classics.

Of course, what would a Brony Radio celebration be without some awesome live mixing on the airwaves? The weekend is packed with exciting DJs, including:

  • Silva Hound;
  • Thorinair and HMage from “A State of Brony”;
  • DJ OneTrick, host of Everfree’s “Mixology”;
  • DJ Tetsuo; and
  • BronyRadio’s own talented family of DJs, including DJ Calcos, DJ MidgetBrony, ShrooKyderraTripDiamDreamweaver, and more!

The whole weekend celebration is being held in support of Bronies For Good [] and their “Seeds of Kindness” album. We encourage anyone who can contribute to join us in supporting this excellent cause.

All in all, this weekend is definitely one you won’t want to miss. To catch the Gala weekend celebration, just visit Brony Radio’s web site [], tune in to their station on Ponyville Live! [], or listen in through the HoofSounds plugin [] for Chrome and Firefox.

The Convention Scene

BABSCon Scores Big Jim Miller!


Here ye, hear ye! The master of scams, the artist with a taste for the grand, and a director full of insight and jams is going to bring down the pizazz. That’s right, folks, the one and only Big Jim Miller, is taking on BABSCon and believe us, he’ll be coming in style to entertain YOU!

(Just be sure to bring a few spare jawbreakers…)

Ever the success story, Jim began as a storyboard artist on Cartoon Network’s Ed, Edd n’ Eddy, Disney XD’s Kid vs. Kat, and the Hub’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, as well as a brief stint on Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 video game.

Not content with simply drawing the boards, this entrepreneurial mastermind clawed his way into a storyboard supervisory position for the second and third seasons of MLP as well as the DVD release of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. His meteoric ascent has not stopped there, as he has moved on to induce mass market turmoil as co-director of MLP’s fourth season. His current whereabouts are unknown, but it is well established that he retreats to his palace of plans, scheming the next earth-shattering innovation of our time!

…He may have also voiced a certain crystal-loving baddie from MLP. But this fact remains UNVERIFIED!!! (Or verifiable for a nominal fee…)

But unlike an Ed Scam™, you can count on Big Jim bringing the laughs to BABScon this April!

The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) is the first convention devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area, and will be held on April 18-20, 2014 at the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. Contact for more information!

Galacon 2014 – BIZAAM Patch Note 3.1


A new year means a fresh start, fresh motivation and a fresh website. GalaCon’s online presence got refurbished all around for 2014 and can be found under now!

All basic information about the convention can be found there, with plenty more to follow!

Panel applications are open already, which you can find here. Other applications, such as volunteers and vendors, will be announced soon. And don’t worry, the beta in the url won’t stay long – We got a few more kinks to iron out, that’s all.

As previously stated in our AMA on Reddit, GalaCon will be on the 2nd and 3rd of August 2014 at the Forum am Schlosspark in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Look forward to a bigger convention area, meeting the wonderful Pixelkitties, and a few fun surprises!

Fun and surprises are guaranteed with our convention theme, too: The Golden Age of Gaming. Captain CanNi, Mage Sani and Soldier Wachmann will go on a wild ride through Ponygame Land on their quest for the elements of entertainment. Liking videogames won’t be mandatory to enjoy GalaCon in any shape or form, but if you do get inspired by our pixelated adventures, all the better!

Speaking of shapes, GalaCon’s staff team has seen a bit of a change. After being with us for 2 great years, Hunoldo and StaubRein sadly have to bid adieu to their staff positions. Their efforts with the volunteers contributed greatly to GalaCon being as good as it was, and for that we want to give them a big ol’ thanks! Whatever you’re up to next, you two, we wish you all the best!

We finally got GalaCon 2014 on the road – Hop on and enjoy the ride!

Best wishes,

Your GalaCon Team

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