The lucky lady they interviewed was Erica Pitt!

They cover how Derpy happened pretty early on and I learned a little bit from it! But, with 6 people on the show it’s hard to get a word in.

It’s an interesting interview, I’m glad that the animation staff are able and willing to get out there in the fanbase. [spoiler]and hope they will come on my show in the future[/spoiler]

Expect a couple akward moments from the guys doing the interview but they did ask some good questions and Erica was a really good sport. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, she did the scene where the Diamond Dogs whacked Rarity on the backside.

Link to the show’s page

  • Anonymous

    Nice work breakign the news on this one before EqD did.

  • Anonymous

    by almost 12 hours!

  • Night Star

    And we by almost 24hrs as we were told by Ms. Pitt to redistribute that podcast 1 minute after it was posted ;)