Anime News Network reports that the Japanese dub of Friendship is Magic (Tomodachi wa Mahou) will also have a companion manga (whose artist will be revealed later in the Spring, according to a Bushiroad representative).  This manga will appear in Pucchigumi magazine:

A flyer passed out at Tokyo International Anime Fair on Thursday revealed that the My Little Pony ~Tomodachi wa Mahō~ (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) television series has a manga in the works in Shogakugan‘s children’s magazine Pucchigumi. Pucchigumi has been the home for manga from the Tamagotchi!, Barbie, Stitch!, Pretty Rhythm, Kirarin Revolution, and Jewelpet franchises.

Pictured above is the April 2013 issue of Pucchigumi.  As a reminder, the Japanese dub will premiere next Tuesday (April 2nd) on TV Tokyo and associates, 7:30 AM Japan time, or April 1st at 6:30 PM EDT.

  • FiMvisible

    A FiM manga? Yes! YES!