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There are sure to be more than a few surprises coming up for Twilight and friends. In the third-season finale, Twilight Sparkle gained her wings and became a princess. “What we didn’t want to do was change who she is as a character, because she’s certainly someone that everyone’s proud to know and love,” MLP head writer Meghan McCarthy previously told EW. “I don’t think becoming a princess really changes her; I think it’s going to introduce some new challenges for her.”

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  • Winter?! That’s like…. 9 months away. This winter just ended! :*(

    It’s too bad that with MLP:FiM they’re not following the type of schedule that Cartoon Network is with Adventure Time and Regular Show, that is, minimal gap (like, 1 to 2 months) between seasons, and episodes constantly being made.

    This is gonna be a loooooong gap!

    • Shiek927

      I like it – it gives people a chance to, in all honesty, take a break from FiM…during Season 3, I had nothing but the show on my head, and though I obviously still enjoy fanworks every day, this reprieve gives me a chance to catch up on other fandoms and interests that I’ve put aside during the season.

      I’m not exactly sure how long it takes to make an episode, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the initial work, like the scripts and voice-acting, were already done. This break, let’s remember, is probably also vacation time for the staff as well.

      • ww

        you’re bloody imbecile. So inloce wih the show that you justify EVeRyThInG about it with your flawed logic. I’m sure that if they dis air episodes constantly you wouldn’t be complaining. Dumbf*ck

    • Yeah, but maintaining that sort of schedule is unheard of for most studios. I’m not sure how Frederator manages to pump out as much as they do (on top of shows like Adventure Time for CN, they’re also responsible for self-funded shows like Bravest Warriors on Cartoon Hangover and are pushing those out at a fairly impressive pace as well), but about a year between seasons is honestly par for the course for most *live* shows, never mind those that have to be animated and get two month delays to fix weird tweening errors or whatever it was that happened to season 3.