Gypsi Pie by =Gratlofatic

Hot off the presses, fresh Friendship is Magic, Episode 6 – Lunar Slander.

Also if you get bored, long indie interview with Griffin and Jenny over here (from last month).

  • Anonymous

    From the credits: “Flash Animation by Tiarawhy” – god damn it. Do pony porn artists really need to invade every last little remaining uncorrupted part of the fandom? We truly are becoming Furrydom 2.0…

    • Anonymous

      Cry more, faggot. You’re on the internet.

      • Anonymous

        R34 could very well cause the end of the show if it becomes as commonplace and accepted as porn in the furry fandom, and it’s well on it’s way to being there. And actively advertising R34 artists on otherwise “safe” fan material is not a good move… just google Tiarawhy and the first result is the NSWF tumblr.

        At least other fandoms still try to keep the porn from coming to the forefront, even though they know it’s there. With MLP, nearly every major artist (and even musician) also has easily accessible R34…

        • Anonymous

          you are retarded.

          • Anonymous

            Well alright then. I guess I’m in the minority. I really am interested in what percentage of the fanbase is into R34 because it seems like it’s much, much higher than I expected it to be…

          • I’d say more like 50/50, personally I’d rather NOT take a survey on the subject. Apparently EqD has.

  • Anonymous

    It was pretty good, got a few chuckles out of me. Although I think it was the weakest of the series so far, the jokes tended to just be puns. Also it was too long.

  • FoxMane


    • derpymaths

      agreed. luna… is… awesome

  • Twaiuraito

    Loved it as always. I honestly didnt really get most of the humor the first time through, but I was rolling on the second play. I feel pretty special getting thanked twice in the credits.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how most people dont even know that person is a 34 artist until the complainers say something. Did you see any porn in the episode? Me neither.

  • Love Friendship is Witchcraft!

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