The Pop line of Funko vinyls are chibi, dark-eyed popular media characters. Above is an image of the Pop figures Funko will produce. These are only prototypes; no word if actual figures were seen at the Toy Fair.

[Source: MLP Arena]

6 comments on “Funko Pop Prototypes Spotted

  1. Dogman15 says:

    Good to see that they’re using Derpy’s and DJ-Pon3’s names.

  2. ManeFlame says:

    Really hope there’s an AJ in there. Gonna be kinda miffed if Derp and DJ got in before AJ and Rarity.

  3. PCP2443 says:

    I will so buy those when they come out!

  4. ProfessorTofty says:

    I love this sort of design; I am definitely very much interested in this!