A few days ago our merchandise reporter TechPhek reported on Funrise’s line of plushies, which appeared in the form of a preview picture snapped from inside their office. Seems today they have appeared on ToyWiz.com for pre-order. Funrise is offering at the moment three lines of plushies, a 3 inch with a clip for hanging off your backpack or rear view mirror, a 10 inch line, and a 20 inch line. The picture above displays the 3 inch and 20 inch plushies available. The 10 inch are currently available, while the rest are set to ship in January 2013.

One comment I’ve seen about these guys is the quality, which being mass produced means that they won’t stand up to the many independent plushie markers in the community. I know of one company that is currently in the designing stages of their own official MLP plushie line and the one word I’ve heard about it is that Hasbro likes to get these cheap, so in one part the quality is possibly due to Hasbro wanting to purchase these plushies on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Prices are not bad either, as the 10 inches actually range from about $25 to $35, seems to depend on what pony, while the 3 inch and 20 inch have a set price ($4.50 for 3 inch, $34.99 for 20 inch). We’ve compiled the links to all the products below. Enjoy.

  • P

    I’ve seen worse. Still waiting for Vinyl though.

  • Tecuani

    They look weird as hell, especially those faces…

  • Wirlog

    Están horribles!!
    I’ve seen better and more like the cartoon designs

  • We wanted to let your followers know that the 10″ MLP plush can be found at Walmart for less than the $25 to $35 price range listed, as well as there are also 5″ MLP plush that are available at Target and Toys R Us. The keychains and 20″ plushies will be available at retailers this coming Spring 2013. Stay tuned for new releases!