Though she was supposed to come out this spring, MLP News has reported that Funrise Rarity is starting to come out early at Walmarts.

Your mileage may vary, depending on how fast your local store moves stock and when they get in new shipments, so keep your eyes peeled!

  • Anonymous

    Just how push dolls are there?

    • Anonymous

      “Just how MANY”. Sorry.

  • Infex

    These plushies are adorable. I picked up the Dash one at Toys R Us for $6. I’m broke as hell and even I couldn’t pass it up. Looking forward to when they fill out the Mane 6 and possibly others.

    And to answer the earlier comment, I only saw Dash and Pinkie at the store I went to. Not sure if there are others floating around out there.

  • Piper

    Now we just need the softie AND fashion size AJ to be [re] released and the softie and fashion size mane 6 will be complete!