Galacon ’13 Press Note & Thank You

Thy Princess Of The… Pipeline?
by ~CrashTheStampede

Dear loyal subjects,

We’ve finally recovered properly from Crunch Time. We really wanted to do this press note earlier, but not before we could think straight again – What we have to say is heartfelt and important.

So, better late than never:


Thanks to all guests for giving up so much money and free time just for our little event; thanks to all volunteers and helpers for the sweat and blood they put in behind the scenes; thanks to Julia and Anneli for honoring us with their presence; thanks to SweBow, Mr. Poniator, Icky and Rautakoura for everything they contributed to Galacon and thanks to everyone at and around Everfree Radio!

We are also very pleased to confirm that we raised, in fact, a whopping total of 8,145 euro at the Bronies For Good charity auction. Every single cent is appreciated and goes towards a wonderful cause. Be proud, you achieved a tremendous thing!

Also, we got order from Anneli and Julia themselves to thank you all for the great weekend they had – So: Thank you! They had a wonderful time and we hope you had that with them, too.

Right now, we are going through your feedback and looking into where and how we can improve. One wish could already be fulfilled: We now have a Deviantart group just dying to get all of your Galacon related artwork! We got a lot more stuff cooking, like a ticket design contest for Galacon 2013, some confirmed guests of honor, a completely revamped website and some surprises in cooperation with our pals from BUCK in the United Kingdom and BronyDays in France, but sit tight, we can’t tell more just yet.

Now excuse us, we gotta prepare for 2013 already – But until then: We hope you enjoyed what we did this year, despite all its problems, and we especially hope to see you again in 2013.

Best wishes,

your Galacon team

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