GalaCon Doing AMA on Saturday

Urgent news alert: GalaCon is hosting an AMA (ask me anything) on Saturday, so if you want to know where you can still get a room near the venue, what the origin of Canni’s name is, or why the GalaCon team is so swag, then head to Reddit at the given time.

Dear loyal subjects,

We’re simply overwhelmed. Within one week, our StarNext fundraiser accumulated over 9,000 Euro! An astounding sum that you, as the community, made possible. Our most sincere thanks go to all of you! We certainly couldn’t have done it without the wonderful promo video, so many thanks as well to JanAnimations, Super Psyguy, Gabby, and ShadyVox! It’s wonderful to see what this community can do.

The money will fund great things for GalaCon, that’s guaranteed – stay tuned for announcements!

If you’ve had questions on your mind about anything GalaCon-related, you might be interested in our upcoming AMA! This Saturday, 15:00 UTC (4PM CET, 11AM EST), head of PR Weatherhoof will be avaiable on Reddit to answer whatever’s on your mind!

Best wishes and see you soon,
Your GalaCon team

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