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Over on the Lego Cuusoo website, where fans put forward their ideas to gain public support and (possibly) see it turned into an official Lego set, a dedicated fan has uploaded a series of concepts and a detailed description for a Lego set based off of Lauren Faust’s Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls project that she has been trying to get off the ground.

The project proposes creating a set for each of the characters in the property, reflecting both their planet and their personality. Unlike the recently rejected My Little Pony Cuusoo project, the Galaxy Girls aren’t currently owned by any major group or corporation and are the sole property of Lauren Faust, making it far more likely that Lego will give the project it’s own spot on their shelves. Of course, before any of that can happen the proposal needs to gain 10,000 supporters. So head on over and hit that support button!

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    >no hooves

    • Pickapok

      We know it’s not really pony but we here at DHN like to (and I quote) “pimp Lauren’s Galaxy Girls.”

      DerpySquad said it, not me.