Gameloft My Little Pony Game Splash Screen

New Gameloft My Little Pony Game Splash/Loading Screen

The popular My Little Pony game on iOS/Android has received a new update today. Listed in the update for iOS includes new quests, new ponies (Lotus Blossom, Aloe, and Masseuse Pony), and even some new animated decorations. For all the details, check out the update changes in the image below after the break. Let us know in the comments if there’s any other changes you see besides the one listed!

List of Updates to Gameloft MLP Game

List of Updates to Gameloft MLP Game

UPDATE 8/26 5:34 PM EDT: After checking on Android, the update isn’t available on there yet. I would imagine it will be up soon but we’ll keep you posted when it does.

UPDATE 8/27 12:52 PM EDT: The Android version has finally been updated to 1.3; however, this update is not the same as the iOS version. Check out the list below for the latest changes straight from the Google Play Store:

Put your hooves in the air and give a great big cheer for the newest update to My Little Pony!

– You asked for it, and we listened! We have reduced the price on many of your favorite ponies and items!
– Complete your pony band with three new musical ponies and their houses in the Canterlot Shop.
– Octavia has moved from Ponyville to Canterlot to join her bandmates.
– Add the new Movie Theater to check out exclusive videos! There’s even a special version for both Ponyville and Canterlot.
  • Namor

    Hello, Sunset Shimmer! Welcome to the herd!

  • Anonymous

    Just got my Droid version updated, it’s at 1.5 now. Some changes I’ve noticed that aren’t listed for it, feel free to correct me if these have been in previous versions:

    -A new version of Vinyl is added for Canterlot, looks like her SDCC exclusive toy. Oddly enough she’s still in Ponyville too.
    -Aunt Orange now has a character portrait in the album in Canterlot although she’s not available in the shop. She’s still in Ponyville as well.
    -Octavia’s portrait changed from the filly eyes to a more sarcastic look.
    -Some ponies now have voices, tapped all that I have so far and found what I think are new voices belong to Celestia, Cadence, Cheerilee, and Mayor Mare
    -Game is now much more stable, especially in Ponyville, doesn’t crash as often. Keep in mind I just run a Droid X though, not exactly a top of the line phone.
    -Settings menu much larger now, a quit game button has finally been added.
    -Receiving hearts as a gift is acting weird yet again, requiring you to click back to your friends list and then back to the gifts tab to continue to receive more hearts.

    So far that’s all I’ve noticed, if there’s anything else I’ll be sure to add more.

    • Anonymous

      Aunt Orange is in Canterlot for me in the Android version. Although, I never got her in Ponyville, so I wonder if she remains there if you have already paid the gems.

    • Anonymous

      Also Ms. Cup Cake now says something.

  • Tobi

    Got the update…hope you can explain something! My ipad update lists friends in the pull down and can gift and receive gifts from other ponies. My phone and other ipad still lists as social and requires outside friends!!! Any ideas???