Oh I have an idea! Let’s make an article about it so we can just make fun of them again and fish for pageviews so we can pay our janitors who have to clean up after all the vomit that spews out of our every orifice! Yeah Adrian, I’m talking about you broham. Not that it matters anyways as you would never ever do any actual journalistic research and just think the fandom stops at EqD and Ponychan.

Yeah, I mad. Ok, so maybe our hopes and dreams of being a respected and normal group of people have been rainbow dashed the day we decided that this was a good idea. And friends in other internet communities even say that “It was funny for a while, now it’s just sad man. You need to run and get out of there fast and never look back.” I’ll keep fighting and defending the honor of the unsung heroes, the guys who treat it as a nice little hobby, watch the show, discuss it a little bit and go on with their lives and use the place to check up on the important bits occasionally. This one’s for you.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish packing for BroNYCon ( ´ ∀`)

[See that whole thing with this link]

  • Anonomyous

    Why do links like that make me vomit inside a little?

  • Anonymous

    this kind of stuff really makes me sad. ):

  • Really everypony? I’m in the minority to believe this, but this guy cleared some misconceptions about the fanbase.

    • plaster

      yeah, that’s what i said in the article, they still wrote it off as “we’re all insane anyways, lol!”

  • Also we are still the kindest fanbase to exist. Any misconceptions about the fanbase have to go.

    Plaster I will always believe in bronies despite all the internet drama we have gone through. Please don’t cause any…

    • plaster

      I’m sorry, but I’ve never subscribed to the “Love and Tolerance” philosophy myself and I’ve never really seen people be genuinely nice to each other, it’s quite forced. Like its our duty and you’ll be chastised if you don’t. Be nice to people who make fun of us because of the people we have to love and tolerate within the fanbase who give these people misconceptions.

      But no, you can’t say anything about it or a couple hundred of you will come and make sure everyone is nice to each other.

      Kinda says something about the state we’re in, doesn’t it?

      • 8ftmetalhead

        People seem to take themselves far too seriously on the internet. We just seem to have a concentration of them. It’s kind of like the forum posters for games and such. There’s the people that post random crap and bitch, there’s the few people that are reasonable but overridden, then the far greater in number than both those groups rest of the people who sit there, read it and don’t give a fuck.

        It’s just because we’re surprisingly different, is all.
        Especially given we’re around one specific thing.

        Bleh once again ‘i don’t know i don’t care i like ponies and that’s about it’

        • Supertide

          I don’t give a damn anymore. The article has no effect on me cause I do not consider myself a “brony”, I just like the show and I don’t need other people’s approval to enjoy something.

      • Forced? Where? Pardon me, but I chat with bronies everyday on twitter and really there really isn’t sign of forced kindness on my end.

        I don’t understand why you could possibly have that idea about bronies being mean. Because on my end, I have barely meet any

        • Iva

          My experience has been similar, but then I’ve just interacted with other pony fans who seemed kind…The assholes do exist, for sure, I just ignore them in the same way I ignore all of the rule 34 stuff. I don’t like it, but there’s no real use denying it’s part of the fandom. What I think people outside of the fandom need to realize is that pony fandom encompasses a wide sample of people with different interests/ways of enjoying the show/fan culture.

  • Maybe you should stick to reading articles written by a reporter who actually likes MLP. Here’s my story on the issue, written for the Daily Dot: http://www.dailydot.com/entertainment/bronies-hasbro-ponyarchive/

    • I believe neither article is wrong to be honest. The haters of Gawker should just love and tolerate because really there is nothing worth ranting about Gawker

    • derpymaths

      ^ that was a good article. well written, and thoughtful. i cant say the same about the gawker article. picking out one person’s comment and copypasting it doesn’t normally constitute a good article. ah well. still, we make ourselves look bad when we get all hot & bothered about trolls and anon dickbags.

  • Anon-e-mouse

    Just a request, next time take a screenshot of the article and link to that uploaded on something like imgur. By linking to the article, you are helping their ‘rage-views’, which is exactly what they are after.