Ok, so this actually old news. But I don’t think there was much said and not enough pictures uploaded.

I went to two different Targets today to see if any one else had put up the Canterlot set before the street date of August 1st, unfortunately no. But I did get to look around and found a bunch of other neat things!

This also gives me an excuse to try out that staggered photo style that seems to be all the rage these days!

There were quite a bit of different things in the bins! I picked up a few activity books with the stickers in them, unfortunately there are a LOT of repeat images in them. I have 3 of what looks to be like 6 different books and they all have the same pictures throughout them.

They did have the socks as well, but obviously those were extremely small, you can see the Rarity ones here, they had Princess Celestia,
Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Pinkie Pie socks as well. Those small wrapped books look to be just small notebooks, they had a couple different kinds. These bins were packed full of neat things! (For little girls)

I totally bought one of the Princess Celestia Magnetic List Pads and a pack of Post-It notes.

The little bucket things and the tote bags were really cheap and flimsy feeling, considering they were a dollar, that’s par for the course in my book.

Then while looking for more stationary and pen/pencil sets that were announced in the Q&A Video in the school supply section, I found a lot of Hello Kitty stuff. No Ponies yet, I will check back later in the summer, if I remember. Then I remembered that there were supposed to be birthday cards, found one! Too bad its specifically for a 4 year old! (Whoa, had no idea that the picture was so blurry! There was at least one other person in the aisle with me so I wanted to make it quick, lol shame).

I stood in line to check out with my best pokerface on. The cashier smiled at me the whole time, I’m not sure if she knew what was up? Or maybe she thought I was pulling a joke? Eh, who knows.

If you’ve made it this far, let me know what you think about this article style with the photos, it seems to be the most “economical” way to put this many photos in one post.

  • Arcane Scroll

    Am I like the only person who has no problem buying pony stuff? LOL

  • Arcane Scroll

    Oops, I posted too soon. I like this style, pictures make me happy and was still easy to read :)

  • frith

    The staggered style is nifty. ^_^ Since there are no Target stores nearby I wonder if the dollar stores might carry Pony stationary. MLP pens and pencils would be excellent trolling material at work!

  • derpymaths

    pure manliness right there. i'd prolly just shove the pony stuff down between a couple cases of beer and some nudey mags, maybe a couple packs of smokes… then pull the ol "how'd that get in there". no problemo.