Applejack and Megan

My Little Pony-Applejack and Megan by Trinityinyang

We all know that Hasbro has to file trademarks for character and toy line names, and the newest filing is no different. Hasbro filed on December 17 and 18 two trademarks, each for the phrase “Equestria Girls.”

This is the same name as a music video that came out over a year ago, where a parody cover of Katy Perry’s “California Girls” was sung in commercials, featuring the ponies and pony puns.

The earlier of the two filings states that the name will be used for toy ponies and accessories, which is to be expected. The later filing, though, states that the term “Equestria Girls” will be used for “dolls, doll clothes and doll accessories.”

Because of these two filings, a distinction is made between “doll” and “toy ponies.” Dolls generally have the likeness of a human, while toy ponies means that they’re obviously ponies.

This could mean that Hasbro will release MLP dolls of some sort. G1 MLP featured Megan and Molly dolls, human girls that interacted with the ponies and lived in Paradise Valley with the little ponies. We’ve yet to see any direct sign of humans in FiM, so human character doll seem a tad unlikely. The dolls could be human versions of popular characters such as Twilight Sparkle or Princess Celestia, or doll could refer to So Soft Newborn “dolls,” such as Princess Skyla or Apple Sprout. Unfortunately we don’t know what exactly Hasbro is using to define “doll” and what makes a doll different form a toy pony.

Considering that the trademark was filed not even a week ago, it will be some time before we see prototypes coming out of China/Taobao. Hasbro can take this line in many different ways, and it will be months before we get any idea what or when to expect these new toys.

[Source: EqD]

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      There was no way we could of stopped this.

    • Anonymous

      There was no way we could of stopped this.

    • Anonymous

      its all over

    • Anonymous

      Here comes the mlp blythe

  • Horsefucker

    Um, wouldn’t “dolls” just mean “plushies”?

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t you stop it?

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t you listen?

  • Stereopony454

    Pretty sure its just more Pony toys. the MLP toys are technically DOLLS as they have brushable hair and clothing and other accessories with them at times. People like to freak out though so to all the anonymous trolls, have fun freaking out. i’ma sit back and chillax. Look foward to seeing what comes of these.

    At the very worst they’ll just be cheap re-packages/re-paints of the G 3.5 antrho ponies.

    • “i’ma sit back and chillax.”


  • What nightmare? You’re awake

    This can only end in disaster and the only ones to blame are Hasbro themselves. They just don’t listen. They cant even make a package of the 3 original CMCs they made purple smart look asian. They made Celestia eggshell colored. and they labeled Applejack and Big Macintosh as husband and wife. THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS!


    You could of prevented the following events from happening, why didn’t you…

  • Anonymous

    Hasbro… why…

  • some paranoid asshole

    if this becames show canon , im done

  • Only when you see your fandom die before you, will you understand the mistake you have made

    • Anonymous

      From what I understand, they’re basically TRYING to get rid of the fandom.

  • Horsefucker98

    It’s over

    • Anon

      Nice name.

  • Dr. Cogs

    The time traveler was right…

    We could have stopped this…

  • Jacob raygun

    Y’all guys are making a big fuss about this and y’all haven’t seen to already make your reaction to it how do yall know if it’s Gona be bad I mean cmon it’s mlp:fim where talking about, the pony characters and personality is good so let’s see how the humans are Gona be, at least it’s not G1. So cmon guys let’s give it a try and still stick what we truely love about this show…..ponies! So keep calm and brony on!

  • Anonymous

    I guess you guys still aren’t willing to admit that you play with dolls eh?

  • Nathan Z. Patton

    My dear friends, bronies, furries, and etc.:
    As we all now know, Hasbro has decided to make Twilight into an alicorn. No doubt this has disturbed up to what i would estimate to be 99% of the fandom. If not for a second, bronies, please listen to what i say.
    I am a regular brony,just like all of you. I too am disturbed by this uncanny change to one of the main characters. We know in our hearts, in our minds, that this is wrong. Hasbro is the enemy now, look at them, sitting there raking in the cash from us foolishhly spending our money on their products. Many of you may fall, Many a YouTube Channel has been shut down due to copyright issues. and hasbro has decided to copyright the word “Brony”. Do they own us? Do they own you? Do they own me?
    No, they don’t do not disregard what i say as folly my fellow bronies. Hasbro has waged war on the bronies. Hasbro has waged war on you. Will we just sit here and let them oppress us? Well, some of you may, I am fine with that. But those who love this fandom; those who want to see a good show will come with me. though I may be met with criticism at first, I will take it. Join me in our last stand. we will defeat hasbro. I will not simply sit and watch as a greedy company sits and ruins a beautiful show that is loved by many, even if i have to go it alone. You have seen what tyrannic acts Hasbro has done, such as removing our dear sweet Derpy Hooves from everywhere but the intro. If you stand and let the fandom die, i do not care, but think, will you regret losing something dear to you? The time is now. The place is here. We must stand. this may be the last we hear of the bronies. but won’t victory just taste so sweet?

    Now I say to Hasbro and Company, and all who would dare to corrupt the natural beauty of My Little Pony do not underestimate us. We are more than you know. There is still time though, time to counter this act if we act quickly. If hasbro wants to destroy the people who “love and tolerate” them. they are sadly mistaken.

    Bronies, hear me out on this one. the more voices that are heard the more powerful we are. Do not abandon your comrades…
    I know most of you wont read this and continue in despair. Fear not. for the time is upon us that we must stand against the Company of Hasbro. of the defilers of our great show. Stand with me, stand with your brother, stand with your sister, stand with your fellow bronies.
    Let us leave race, gender, and anything that divides us behind. We must work together as one solid unit.
    Fight for yourselfs, forthe fandom and derpy. Fight hasbro in any way you can.

    1 If they remove your youtube for copyright or take down a video. make a new account and post 10 more videos
    2 Write letters to Hasbro complaints, begging, anything that will stop or delay them.
    3 get the word out. Revolution is upon us.

    We are bronies,
    we will forgive,
    but never forget,
    united as one,
    divided by zero,
    Hasbro, if no one else, expect me.

    • Doctor Whooves

      There goes my idiot brother again inciting revolution over something nopony should care about. if this happens then Whoop-die-doooo… more beer will be sold than pony toys, but the fandom will continue… lets not forget Project Double Rainboom either. the first fan made episode.

    • Bandi10

      Wow, that certainly a longwinded way to contribute absolutely nothing to the discussion.
      All this post consists of is tired speech plattitues and speech patterns, i.e. repetition for hammering in the point (“I have a dream” and such). And what is the line you chose to repeat, what is the point you want to get across? To hear you out. You repeat three times in your tirade the wish for us to hear you out. That is what gets stuck.
      Well, get to it then, have something actually for us to hear out of you, other than (trying-to-)morale-raising word games.
      The second thing to linger in the mind of the reader is your wish for the bronies to “stand together”. For what? The things really worth (in the context of your post) for the reader to remember you clump together as a numbered list at the end. But then you shadow that out by trying to be poetically memetic.
      Yes, this post made me angry. There is already enough fearmongering and rabblerousing going through the brony fandom right now, and your way of doing it is the worst; by being so incredibly vague it leaves the reader (and seems to be wanting to!) with nothing but a disconnected and badly founded hate for Hasbro, and nothing to do about it but thoughtless internet mischief.

      To end on a note you might like,

      You get nothing!
      You lose!
      Good day sir!

  • Anonymous

    You realize you’re all idiots, right?

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  • Uwot


  • Somepony

    As Squidward would say… Please hit me as hard as you can

  • Gusty

    Megan and Molly did not live in Ponyland with the ponies. They only came occasionally to visit or when they were needed.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    cereasly.. stop fuck thing up when its bringing in money. your going to louse your fan base, ratings will go do. just shoot the tard that came up with this all ready………

    • Anonymous

      over all this better be fake…

  • Somepony

    -What you doing?


    Well, this is the fault of the bronies, not hasbro. The fans humanized all the ponies.

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