by *musapan
Happy New Years.
Hopefully most people have celebrated this fun holiday in the proper manner, which means getting tore up and hopefully not finding your car has extra dents in the front of it from hitting something.
Anyways, onto the next chapter of the pony saga of the 2nd decade of the new century.  Thankfully in less than a week now we return to our regularly scheduled pony broadcasts with Family Appreciation Day on the 7th, 10am as usual.
Two things coming up here around DHN within the next few weeks.  First, the front page of the site will be switching from this “dual” domain setup we got going to wordpress.  For you, this doesn’t mean much outside that there will no longer be a giant iframe on the front page (no more pictures opening up in the middle and being half hidden), and anyone who happens to go directly to the blog (stats indicate most come in the front door…giggity) will go to the full site. will be redirected to the dot com.
Second, after much research from Spazz, we are moving forward on the PonyTube project.  It has officially been dubbed Derpy.Tv.  If you missed our posts about this, due to the DMCA take downs going on with YouTube’s loose copyright policy system, we are establishing a video service very much like YouTube.  It will have most features like YT (comments, embedding options, etc).
This service is not for hosting episodes for the obvious reasons.  In recent weeks the youtube take downs have shifted from channels containing the episodes to established community artists (musician channels, pmv channels).  In recent days there have been a few incidents in which the scripts being used by trolls have caused whole channels to come down due to triple copyright violations (instead of just one.  PensivePony at the start of her career was taken down in this manor, except Pensive had others stuff on her channel that caused it).
There is zero evidence of it being Hasbro on either case (episode channels or musician channels), but a group of trolls.  If you do a little reading, you’ll see YT is more or less festering with these take downs.  The only confirmed Hasbro take down is the obvious “PonyArchive Incident” as fandom history shall call it now.
Derpy.Tv shall be more or less a backup for these artist channels, and no, accounts will not be public, meaning that anyone can make one.  Obviously it would be fun to go wild and let everyone make an account, but there are obvious concerns over bandwidth versus population, so things must proceed slowly so we don’t end up going Chernobyl server wise.  We will post further details when available.
So Happy 2012, if you believe in this whole end of the world crap, best enjoy these dwindling days.

  • pixelkitties

    Huzzah! I look forward to all manner of awesome new things from the site in t2012! Happy New Year, guys!