Happy Birthday Derpy Hooves.
Its more or less a little out of character for us to be celebrating something like this, and I even had a few people who suggested just posting a single article and leaving it that.  But my personal opinion is screw that, considering the site is named after her.  So for the next 24 hours we’ll be having some random posts about Derpy, from a few artwork dumps, spotlighting a few artists who do nothing but draw Derpy, videos and whatever else we can find.
If news does pop up, we will pin it at the top, since news is our #1 purpose, otherwise enjoy all the Derps.  If you happen to draw or make something you want featured, send it in.  Coming up in an hour or two will be my rewrite of “About Derpy” that’s been collecting dust in the left menu of the site.  Anyways, welcome to Derpy Hooves’ Birthday Bash.
  • Cinnamon Fritter

    Happy Birthday Ditzy-Doo! (Or Derpy, however you prefer it). Here's to hoping the 25th is a day full of celebration and muffins.

  • ShadowTani

    Happy Birthday! And a toast for another derpy year, one where the fun's doubled! *pops the champagne*

  • Cloud Sniffer

    Happy birthday derpy! Wooooo wooooo wooooooooo!

  • pixelkitties

    Happy Birthday Derpy! Today you get ALL the muffins!

  • madcow