The man behind the euro fan music celebrates the day of his creation.  You can jog on over to his Youtube account and wish him a happy birthday.  You can also check out his bandcamp account which features both pony and non-pony music creations.

May you get hammered tonight, come home, write some awesome music only to wake up the next day and find out it sounds like you mashed your face against the keyboard for half an hour.  Upon review of the night, you find out, you did mash your face into the keyboard for half an hour.  Happy Birthday!

  • Eurobeat Brony Ver. 22

    Just got back, actually! Thank you guys for your fond birthday wishes, I do still have great things in store for Super Ponybeat Vol.2, so stay tuned!


  • 21shootingstar -★-

    I really liked this last song, seems very happy, this are the kind of songs that I can hear over and over again and never get tired from it.

    But I have to say that my favorite song from eurobeat it's still being the one he did with notacleverpony – lower the moon (Eurobeat Descent) – , that song is a masterpiece. notacleverpony great musician too, his song Princess Luna's Lullaby- instrumental- almost made me cry the first time I heard it.

    Well I guess I'm a little late to say happy Bday eurobeat brony. =)
    If it wasn’t for people like you that create so many fanart with very good quality this fandom wouldn't be as cool as it is now. Thank you for all the great music you create, it always cheers me up.