Hasbro at San Diego Comic Con

by *gign-3208

Several more articles from SDCC that have cropped up in the past few days.

Collider Interviews Stephen Davis

The site Collider.com sat down during the SDCC with Stephen Davis, president of Hasbro Studio to talk about their brands. Right off the bat of course was talk about ponies. Full article can be read via the link above.

Davis: You know, it’s interesting.  I think that the writers, Meagan McCarthy and the writing team have done such a tremendous job of creating a world that is so broadly appealing.  And it isn’t just a show for little girls anymore, which it was in the ‘80s. And I think that it starts with tremendous storytelling and characters that kind of resonate cross-gender and cross-demographic.  And I have to tell you, I never saw it coming.  I don’t think anyone at Hasbro predicted that we would see the creation of such a unique and significant movement as the Bronies.

Access Hasbro

Over on Access Hasbro, they’ve published a two minute video with clips from SDCC, kind of a montage of clips from the show people and fans.

Crave Online Interviews the FiM Cast

Another site, Crave Online also sat down with the staff of FiM for some interviewing. You might have seen its host Becky Young as she was running around the convention in a Pinkie Pie outfit.

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