Well as always I’m sure most people caught the news from the 2nd Quarter Conference and Q&A from Hasbro CEO and Management, as it was on EqD (and then of course sucked away to the netherworld).  I figure instead of doing a copypaste of the article, I’d go read the actual report found here and report what I’ve seen, so lets do this.

If you go read the article, you’ll see all the business hub bub going on, from numbers to percentages and whatnot.  But of course the most interesting point to us came from Brian Goldner, the CEO of Hasbro.  About half way down the transcript…

“Of these brands posting growth, MY LITTLE PONY is an interesting proof point to discuss, as it relates to television. As you know, the MY LITTLE PONY brand has been reinvented based on Hasbro Studios’ animated series MY LITTLE PONY Friendship is Magic. The program is airing on The Hub in the U.S. and Treehouse in Canada. On both networks, it is a top-rated program. In Canada, the program began airing in January on Treehouse, and point-of-sale trends at our top 4 accounts are up over 30% year-to-date through July 2.

By this fall, we expect entertainment to be airing in markets, which represent 90% of MY LITTLE PONY business. We’re also receiving tremendous feedback from key licensees and retailers around the world based on the strength of the entertainment and broad consumer interest. MY LITTLE PONY has all the right ingredients to fill a gap in the marketplace that currently exists for a strong, young girls’ multi-category property. MY LITTLE PONY is an important brand for Hasbro, and we are delighted to see it posting growth again based on engaging entertainment, innovative product and strong retail support.”

Yeah, no brony love or whatever, some people have pulled the words apart and claim there are hints, but all in all we know the show is kicking flank and taking names.  Now if we are lucky the retailers and licensees know about us, and will churn out a few products.

I’ve seen some people express not wanting them to utterly tailor to us, but of course some nice shirts and possibly on-character figures would be nice.  I guess only the future will tell.

  • frith

    Thanks for reading and summarizing the article so I don't have to. 8^) 30% increase in sales and a positive outlook in Canada is OK by me. As long as MLP:FIM doesn't pull a Firefly, we'll at least have both more series and more community to look forward to this coming season.

    BTW, the page view counter on EqD is aping yyyymmdd dates for the later part of the 20th century. So is yours (says 1951xx) although in yours I don't know what to make of the last two digits.

  • VioletYoshi

    I hope they get a clue and license the clothing to a company intelligent enough to produce clothes for all sizes, not just for Anorexic teens.