Good Morning Jelly by *johnjoseco

I think its safe to say with this toy fair going on, we’re probably going to be learning multiple things for the upcoming year. After the toy post earlier, a few other things have cropped up.

Hasbro + Zynga Games

Equestria Daily posted about this earlier, including an image from Joystiq of a combined “MLP” and “Ville” from Farmville. From what I found it seems that Hasbro and Zynga Games are working on a business deal, namely one that will allow Zynga to start producing games directly or based on Hasbro’s board game division (aka Milton Bradley). I found an article posted by the UK The Guardian news that explains the details (found here).

So in short, don’t hold your breath just yet for any facebook related MLP games. Though the last paragraph of this article says the Hasbro Deal with Zynga games is expected to be expanded to allow Zynga to create virtual versions of Hasbro games, such as Nerf Guns, Water Pistons (really?), My Little Pony and war board game Risk. So that is something. Also note Electronic Arts holds the digital rights to Zynga’s games.

Hasbro at the Toy Fair Video

A video has also cropped up showcasing Hasbro’s booth at the Toy Fair. Far as I’ve read the fair doesn’t start until tomorrow, BUT I would expect this evening they probably hold a private fair for the big wigs and high rollers. Haven’t watched the video yet (going out ciderings), but you can find it after the page break.

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