By: Kodama-sama

I was looking over this Transcript from a Q&A session the CEO and CFO released today from the third earnings quarter of this year. This is a lot of technical and business jargon that only REALLY matters unless you’re a shareholder, in which good news! You’re making money. And not a mention of us in the article.

They obviously mentioned MLP and some interesting bits that they announced I’ll bullet point here:

  • FiM Is consistently ranked in the Top 5 shows airing on the following: Cartoon Networks’s Boomerang channel in the United Kingdom and on Treehouse in Canada.
  • They are selling toys like hotcakes and are very pleased (come on, better merch!)
  • They have also closed deals in which allows Hasbro shows (which will most likely include MLP:FiM) across Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Which totals to 142 countries globally
  • The following countries have signed up for 3 or more seasons of Hasbro’s first season of shows (some of these aren’t news, to me at least): Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Scandinavia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Mexico and Brazil.

We’re in the business of ponies, and business is good.

  • Anonymous

    >FiM will be shown in China
    >The biggest market in the world will now want ponies

    Good lord. Hasbro will be rolling in cocaine by this time tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would release better toys or at least show accurate collectors edition versions.

  • black jack

    Why is applejack's hair green 0_0

  • plaster
  • Black Jack

    ok XD makes sense. thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Implying that is not Spike black jack…