HD Update – Episode 7: Dragonshy / Episode 9: Bridle Gossip

Well if you missed it over on EqD, we’ve had an update on the HD episodes, namely the missing episodes from earlier in the season.  To recap, our HD episodes are created by the TrollHD Group in raw form, community member Mentos then takes those raw rips and encodes them, cleans them up at times and provides them to all of us.  TrollHD didn’t start ripping the HD episodes until I think about Episode 14, so we’ve been missing a fair share of the earlier episodes.  They have been ripping these episodes as they’ve repeated on television.

So now available, Episode 7 – Dragonshy and Episode 9 – Bridle Gossip, two episodes I dare call classics now.  Links are below (and in our media section).  I may have missed a few other updates, as I think Episodes 4 and 6 were added, but you’d have to double check.

Episode 7 – Dragonshy (1080p) (720p)

Episode 9 – Bridle Gossip (1080p) (720p)


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