Source: MLP: FIM, Season 2, Episode 2.


Every year, on October 10th, I look back at the show’s run – the fandom’s journey – the evolution of the characters we know and love – and think, “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”  This year, i ran a little late when it came to writing something up (thanks to a crazy work schedule).  The fifth anniversary of the show was several days ago now, and while I can’t quite explain it, it somehow feels like a bigger landmark than the others.

Rather than write up my own version of what a lot of others have already said, I’m going to, in the spirit of friendship, share something someone else wrote – something that touched me personally. – Sprocket


This is what The Skullivan wrote on the Bronies Facebook page:

October 10th, 2010 – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic debuts on the Hub Network for the first time.  What happened after that, nobody could have possibly predicted.  What should have been, by all rights, just another above average kid’s cartoon blew up into a global phenomenon that shows no sign of ever slowing down.

And now here we are, five years later and it’s still going strong.  And we’re still going strong too.  Stop and think about how wild that is for a second.  Five years of My Little Pony.  Five years of brightly colored cartoon horses bringing people together all across the globe. Five years of the most impossibly unlikely fanbase, still as active and passionate as those very first days of its formation.  Five years of art, music, writings, animations, comics, crafts, spin-offs, costumes, meet-ups, conventions, and a million other major creative endeavors.  Five years of that same simple message – that a little kindness, generosity, loyalty, honesty, and laughter really can change the world – still speaking to millions of people all around the world.  Five years of friendship.  Five years of magic.

Happy 5th Anniversary, every pony.  Here’s to another five as good as the last.

– The Skullivan


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  • JakRZS

    “Here’s to another five as good as the last”…. guys, don’t you think you’re demanding too much? I mean, I don’t know if I should take that last phrase too seriously, but MLP can’t last that much. A time it must end will come, or it will end like Spongebob ended otherwhise…. (don’t get me wrong, I LOVED what writers did with S4 and S5, but I do prefer the show ending with dignity instead of going down badly….).

    • Anonymous

      I think the closure brought by “Crusaders of the Lost Mark” and the upcoming FiM movie are signs that a wrap-up is in the works. Some of the experienced staff in S2 knew to jump ship when they reached 52 episodes because that is when series are picked up for syndication. There are many smaller stories left to tell in its universe, but it shouldn’t be forced and go stale. (Hasbro, stories give life to your merchandise of characters that have names. For those toys, give the writers creative freedom, and follow with toys based on things in the stories, not the other way around. The MLP brand would not be a hit without having springboarded off of the accommodations provided to writers to develop alluring stories and the meme potential of the TV medium, especially now in this age of online sharing.)

      • JakRZS

        What smaller stories? To be honest I’m even surprised a S6 even exists, at this point the show got everything, the characters are accomplishing what they’ve been created For (Twilight is Celestia’s successor, Rarity Got a Boutique in Canterlot and the CMCs Got their Cutie Marks) not mentioning that with Chrysalis and Tirek imprisoned, Sombra dead and almost all the other antagonists redeemed, the Flim Flam Brothers are pratically the only bad guys left around in Equestria at this point (unless Writer Will come up with something For Lughtning Dust and Wind Raider in future and giving them a more villaining role). All it’s missing now is RD FULLY joining the Wonderbolts and a Celestia episode, and the Series Will be completed of everything. This show can’t last Too much longer, so I still believe the S6 Will be the last one, with the movie being the epilogue. (also according to My calculations, of the S6 Will start on September 2016 it Will end on March 2017 and the movie is set for Summer 2017, and not forget: Hasbro said the brand Friendship is Magic in the toyli e part would have lasted until 2018, so……)

        • Honestly you’ll probably get your wish. I say that as the career section of the Hasbro website, sometime over the summer had a position open in the MLP Franchise. I forget the specific title but it was literally “series creator” and I believed spoke about developing a series bible. Sounded like the position Faust had at the start, and again, it was directly under MLP. So you’re probably right that S6 and the movie will probably close out this generation.