Source: MLP:FiM Season 1, Episode 1

Source: MLP:FiM Season 1, Episode 1

Happy Equestrian New Year!   (Yes, I realize that, in some parts of the world, midnight has come and gone, which makes me a bit late, but please bear with me).  6 years ago today, our universe was forever changed when a children’s show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic tore a hole in the spacetime continuum and offered us a glimpse into another realm – a place populated by small colorful horses – a place saturated with bright colors, bright music, and even brighter morals.

My Little Pony, the show, has had ups and downs.  A lot of us like to argue our vastly contrasting opinions regarding which episodes were great, and which episodes were not so great – which season best captured the essence of what Pony can and should be – which writers, etc. etc. etc.  One thing has remained objectively consistent throughout all of that – optimism.  My Little Pony has given us six straight years or passionate, relentless optimism.

Today is the first of the year 6 A.E. (Anno Equi), and in celebrating it, we celebrate not just the show, and the fandom, but also that optimism.  We celebrate the world of Equestria itself – what it stands for – what it means to us.  We celebrate the millions of lives touched by My Little Pony, and the thousands of lives it changed in a truly transformative way.

Today is the sixth anniversary of the day when two great truths were first revealed here on the planet Earth: the fact that friendship is magic, (it is); and the fact that the sun and moon are steered, not by science and math and stuff, (as previously believed), but rather, by magical horse princesses who smile down on us through the celestial bodies that they control via a rift in the spacetime continuum that leads to the horse dimension.

Happy Equestrian New Year, everypony!  Happy 6 A.E.  Here’s to six more.


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    Happy New Year! ^_^