Source: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Season 2, Episode 15. Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. Original Airdate: 1/28/2012


The latest episode has provoked a mixed reaction to say the least.  However, that’s not what’s concerning.  It’s only natural that people have a diverse range of opinions about any episode, especially a controversial one.  It’s the reactions-to-the-reactions that are worrisome (if that makes any sense).

I see people turning on each other over it.  A sentiment I hear again and again is that if you didn’t like the latest episode, then you’re “butthurt” or that “you’re not a true brony and you never were.” (Actual quote).

Now I know that “Love and Tolerance” is not universally embraced as an ethos across the fandom, and far be it from me to tell others that it is a necessary component to their personal bronydom.  However, it is still part of our culture, and right now, it only magnifies and sharpens the focus around this particular problem, because it’s a truly sad state of affairs when we can’t even seem to love and tolerate one another anymore, let alone troubles from without.

The virtue of any community is not defined by how they agree, but how well they behave when they disagree.

So walk around in other people’s horseshoes for a while before acting.  If, for example, an episode of the show that you hold so very dear took a turn for the worse in your eyes, would you really want people flippantly invalidating your opinion when you expressed it?  Would that kind of atmosphere give you much incentive to stick around?  How would it leave you feeling about the very fandom that prides itself on its sense of community?  If you were, on the other hoof, elated at the quality of an episode or season, would you really want people tearing it down in unnecessarily harsh, angry, and fatalistic language?

Think about how other people feel.  Isn’t that the core message behind almost every friendship lesson in the show?

The good news is that the solution is very simple. In fact, we can fix this problem right now.  Go to one of your brony haunts – a forum, a a chat room, a Facebook page – anywhere.  Find somepony you disagree with (about Twalicorn, reformed Discord, Season 3 in general, anything).  Give them brohooves; give them hugs; start up a conversation with them.  Offer them your friendship.  Even if the problem isn’t you; even if you were never in a vehement argument to begin with, the judgmental ones still need to be drowned out by messages of friendship.  That’s how we handled trolls back in the day when they were still a serious problem.  It worked then, and it can work now that the strife is happening from within. We can’t stop people from being jerks about this, but we can create an environment where people feel accepted even if they happen to run into the occasional jerk. The jerks, after all, are a teeny tiny minority in this fandom.

We are better than what we would appear to have become, and we can do better than we have been doing. It all starts with a brohoof.

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  • Yes i call a lot of bronies “butthurt” or “enjoy the tears”. But not the ones complaining reasonable about the episode. I only laugh about the people who yell that the show “is ruined forever” without any reason (or very stupid reasons). They just throw “Mary Sue” or “Jump the shark” into a discussion and cry about the end of all things. First it was funny but slowly it got annoying. Just look at live chats of the last episode and all the “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” just before Twilight was transformed. People are not even complaining about the episode, they just hate the very concept of her being an Alicorn without even watching how it turns out. Just because their headcanon gets hurt…

    • HeatWave

      People will often express immediate disappointment with immediate responses. Just because you haven’t taken the time to talk to them and attempt to understand WHY they are disappointed, doesn’t mean they don’t have their reasons. That’s exactly what this author is trying to say. They are just expressing their opinion the only way they know it will be seen, because in chats like that, a detailed description of their fears will disappear in an instant without anyone seeing it.

      • I think there is a difference between honest disappointed people and just screaming “butthurt” people. It is not just the chat. Just look at the pictures people put up on derpibooru. Or comments in forums with dozens of “THE SHOW IS RUINED FOREVER” posts.
        If somebody makes a post and complains about the episode, simple writing he/she dosen’t like it, that is fine. The person does not have to write down his/her reason. But people writing “FUCK HASBRO; FUCK LARSON” are just butthurt.

        • HeatWave

          Are they though? By the same token, some people hate being ignored more than they hate being misunderstood. I’ve sat down and written some lengthy explanations as to my opinions on things, and they’ve mostly been passed over ‘TL;DR’ is the general response, or the aforementioned ‘you’re just being butthurt’, so is it any surprise that the internet has trained people to express themselves in as short, distinct manner as possible?

          I’m just saying, maybe there is butthurt, but that butthurt ALWAYS has a reason. Just because we don’t know the best way to express ourselves anymore doesn’t mean our drive isn’t there. I have my reasons for worrying about what happened, but being dismissed as an idiot simply because I express concern over the direction of a show that I have very much come to love doesn’t feel any better either.

          And a lot of people that don’t care about where the show is going or what happened are just smug to see so many people in an uproar, and that doesn’t help either. One of the lessons shown in this show was taking into considerations the thoughts and feelings of others. Lesson Zero. Twilight was very much overreacting, but the lesson they chose to point out wasn’t ‘Don’t overreact to small things,’ but ‘always consider your friends feelings, no matter how insignificant you may think they are’.

          • I can only speak for myself and yes some people respond to good reasons only with “butthurt”.
            I can see why people don’t like the episode or the whole Alicorn thing. But if they are not able to express this opinion in some kind of civilized manner, yes then i call them butthurt. They don’t have to write down a long explanation or even one single reason. All they have to do is to say “I don’t like the episode”. That is just fine. Maybe i will ask “Why?” and viola we have a discussion! It is that simple!
            But then we have the people who run through the fandom, throwing insults and hate pictures into all directions. Of course i make fun of them and call them butthurt. They act silly. Like little kids (ok some might be little kids but i doubt that). These people are not interested in a discussion or to say why they don’t like the plot.
            Yes i could just “give them a hug” but hey i am just teasing them for a bit of fun till hey calm down. Then we can have a discussion ;)

          • Ok thinking about it, yes i should stop yelling butthurt…at least a bit ;)

          • shroom1up

            i can give a quick summery of reason why I very very very dislike the episode to give some guide on what to look for as reason:
            the switch cutie mark plot is a rehashed discord plot: twilight frineds act due to a high magical influence OOC and twilight need to turn them back to normal, normaly thru let them remember. the only idfference is the source of the problem and what they have to remember. in discord it was their friendship here it was themselfs.
            secound: the song were to shourt in episode (ok one was to long) and took over the the job of telling the sotry almost entirly and they didn´t do it well. it was was rushed and way to fast jsut to get as fast as possible wihtout any time to give us a break.
            thrid: nothing of the alicorn myth was explained, only more question got raised. what was that amgical plain? was it created by the spell? how then got celestia there if the spell was new? why does twilight even get credit for finishing a spell when atleast 90% of the spell was allready develop by starswirl and twilight until she appeared in that plain never knew what the psell would do? here they could have put alot more substance Like starswirl couldn´t finish the spell but he saw a vision of a unicorn with the greatest magic raw potential, that could achiv this. he could have also forseen an evil that is bigger then all villians combined and may even caused them and that this unicorn needs this spell and everything it learnned to finish it to defeat this evil once and for all. but he didn´t knew who this unicorn was so he charged celestia with the task to find that unicorn and prepare her for this. that would the hints that lauren made in season 1 and 2 legit hint to twilights coronation, since they were leading up to something but NOT specificly to this. it would also not jsut excuse but justify why twilight get her alicorn status 300 times btter then just : “you saved the day…..again!”
            fourth: with point three and upcoming point five, this need to be a double episode. but this got EFFECTED by equestria girls spinn off. the budget cut to make that spinn off is a indirect effect on the show, so saying it wont effect the main show is a lie or atleast not entirely true.
            five: the coronation was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long. this was clearly made for a two parter. nothing else to add.
            six: twilight magicly know how to fly perfectly with looping and speed.
            THIS IS FRYING THE COKE MAN. i can buy if she hovers down a blacony to the ground or anything but not flying like dash in an assumed matter fo a week (to gether all guest for the celebration). we zoomed out of canterlot and were several hundred yard away from it and she jsut flew the distance in a matter of a secound with a freakin looping,. NO. the is supence of disbelief, then there is this ….

            any ways i hope i gave every one who can´t express their butthurt properly good point to argue and the people who point out other and yell BUTTHURT an insight to those who didn´t like the episode.

  • Jody Morgan

    I admit I’ve gotten burned out on the “discussion” about this episode, and on bronydom in general really. I’ve tried calming some of the fans who feel the show’s jumped the shark and Twilight is ruined forever, and I’ve tried talking to some of the fans who say anyone who doesn’t see that season 3 is the best of the series isn’t a true brony, and almost every time I’ve been brushed off and ignored.

    Worse than that, though, is the bronies who used the episode to harass Yamino about Derpy again, and the much greater number of bronies who don’t have a problem with that. I just don’t want to be around a fandom where what should be a cause for celebration and happiness is turned into a reason to hate on someone, regardless of what that person’s done.

    • It’s sad that some bullies enjoy pestering Yamino. Maybe you could switch to a different brony forum? I read in a comment somewhere, probably on page 22 of the episode discussion on EqD, that overall attitudes were quite different depending on which forum you were in. 8^) According to the study by Dr Psych-ology (the study presented at BronyCon), most bronies are humorous and avoid conflict.

      • Fett101

        Problem with such a study is that it requires people to take the time to participate.

      • Shiek927

        While I like this article in general, I particularly like that point about the forums — that people’s emotions and receptions, not just to this episode, but in general with the fandom, depend greatly on where they hang out.

        This is something I tell people on the time — very often I hear people who have this horrible views on bronies and the fandom, and my answer back is that it really depends on where you hang out….Obviously, if you hang out with a tight-knit group of like-minded people, then your enjoyment is going to skyrocket no matter what happens because you actually have friends….this is true in anything in life. If you just hang around random folk who seem like a group of whiners, then obviously you will (incorrectly) think this is all the fandom has to offer and will be unhappy.

      • Jody Morgan

        Thanks for your reply. If you know of a forum where comments like the anonymous reply below are frowned upon, please let me know and I’ll give it a shot.

        • Sorry about the eight day delay. I’d recommend and , mainly because people making wild accusations don’t gain traction. I’m there at both venues to encourage everyone to be excellent to each other. That tends to drive away people looking to pick fights. Otherwise I haunt Derpyhoovesnews and Equestria Daily and generally ignore people like anonymous (below).

    • Anonymous

      Please, yamino deserves it for all the shit stirring it keeps doing.
      if it just walked away and learned to ignore things, it wouldn’t be in the position it’s in now.

      • Jody Morgan

        And here we have a prime example of the type of flaming hatred and idiocy I see elsewhere in the fandom, though thankfully most DHN commenters are more mature.

        Not that I expect an anonymous to come back and answer, but: Why can’t bronies just “walk away and learn to ignore” Yamino? She’s said and done a lot of stuff I disagree with, and intentional or not she frequently comes off as a smug, “holier than thou” person, but how does that justify filling her dA page with insults, slurs, and hatred as soon as Derpy returned? Or if you still think that harassing someone like that is morally justifiable, what do you think Hasbro will do with Derpy if they see that abuse is the result of her appearing briefly in the background?

  • Anonymous

    If someone disagrees with my view on the episode, that’s fine, if they disagree and then say the fandom is ruined because of it, that’s where I call bullshit.

    Lets not forget we were never the target audience, we’re a happy accident to hasbro. It’s still a cartoon, stop over-analyzing things just because you think the show should delve deeper.

    Personally I don’t have time to deal with those who are so upset over the episode or the season, cut them loose as its not worth the impending frustration you’ll get from trying to discuss with them. Cut them loose, let them wallow in their self misery. I don’t need to deal with petty crap like that, the fandom doesn’t need to deal with it. If anything this weeds out the essential problems within the fandom and will open the door for more fans.

    • I do overanalyse every episode and I did like this episode a lot. Cartoons are not made by five year old kids, they are made by story tellers with years of expertise. This is not Teletubbies, Baby Einstein or Barney. With MLP:FIM, we are part of the target audience. So I expect a good story, and Magical Mystery Cure delivered. There is so much to ponder! What was Starswirl’s spell supposed to do? Was the Elements’ involvement an accident? Did Twilight die and come back to life? What happens next? So many question! 8^)

      As long as upset people are able to discuss what they didn’t like, I’m happy to read their point of view.

    • Derterifii

      Just because a show is for children, doesn’t mean the writers shouldn’t try. it never should.

  • Kuyon

    I do find it sad that bronies are sometimes turning on each other. I personally like the episode a lot but I understand my feelings are not universal. I hold nothing against those who are upset with the episode/developments as long as they stay civil and aren’t knee jerk reaction “FANDOM IS RUINED!” and such. The ones screaming an yelling are just concerned because change can be a scary thing sometimes, but all shows do it. Try and think of some possibilities this can open up for season 4 episodes. I think both sides need to calm down and look at the other side and as the post said support each other. This kind of goes back to the episode Bridle Gossip. Don’t judge a book by its cover or jump to conclusions without knowing facts. ^^

    • I get the impression that several people shout disaster in hopes of fanning flames of discord. In written discourse, all comments are easily seen, and short comments written all-caps have more weight than long paragraphs of exposition.

      • Kuyon

        The ones who maliciously doing that are hardly what I would call a fan. What they are doing is detrimental to the community as a whole. My point still is that both sides need to clam down and take some perspective of the others side and learn to respect differing opinions. (not talking about the ones who are trying to seriously stir up trouble. ^^

        • I agree wholeheartedly with your point. ^_^

  • Ponichaeism

    Again, I find the logic behind MHIFOP article faulty. Bronies should not be acting more like a “community” because communities inevitably generate reactionaries, which is where this problem is coming from. The solution is for the reactionaries to realize A) it’s just a television show and B) they have identity issues and are just latching onto this one particular culture because of them.

  • Alas, there are no neighsayers in the communities I maintain. Wise King Otto had had them all put to death along with the trade union leaders There were a few, about a year ago, but they left when they found that their “social justice” attitudes weren’t gaining traction and I asked that criticism be constructive. Generally, those that comment there are pretty upbeat.

    • Edit: strike-out didn’t work! That Monty Python quote was not meant to appear as a normal sentence. D’oh!

  • Anadu Kune

    This wouldn’t be a problem if people could disagree with each other and debate each other in a reasonable manner. Present your case in a rational manner devoid of insults. Present evidence to support your case using examples from the episode and have a discussion. That’s it end of story. That is how disscussions should always happen.

    • Anadu Kune

      I should elaborate that the forums I frequent have been civil. Barring one solitary post the worst Ive seen is really bluntly put statements that I believed were missing the point. In other words “this episode suck” kinda statements rather than I dislike this because point 1, point 2, and point 3. The former being crude and unproductive in terms of having a proper discussion. The latter being and organized well put statement that is conducive to discussion.

  • Pendejo

    Some of us will run up and drag you out of your vehicle, some of us will have a problem with our ladies creations being discorded and scarred for life. Besides, who the fuck are you to determine true bronyhood?

    • Who am I? Perhaps an idealist. Certainly a dreamer. ^_^

  • Anonymous

    I’m just sick of morons stoking fires by making broad strokes and saying that, “ALL bronies hate x,” or “ALL bronies do y.”
    Last I checked we were all individuals here with varying opinions. People like that should repeat grade school or something if they’re actually serious.

  • Anonymous

    “The solution” is even simpler. Different people have different opinions, get over it.