There has always been a lot of talk about the “Portal to Equestria.” Would you go if you could? What if you couldn’t come back? What if this? What if that?

If you ask me, this line of thinking is missing the point. The portal to Equestria isn’t a great big hole in the wall. The portal to Equestria is our hearts.

You go there every time you show kindness to a stranger. When you stand up and tell the truth regardless of the personal cost, when you make someone laugh and bring a smile to their face, when you are generous with what is yours to give, what you’re really doing is reaching out and touching a piece of Equestria.

Ponyjoy is an energy. You can use that energy to make the world a better place. Even if you only do it in small ways, (with a listening ear, or a helping hand), you are still bringing Equestria home. Because Equestria is a dream – the kind of dream that changes the world. But the problem with dreams is that they can only begin to take on lives of their own when you act on them.

Equestria isn’t some place you can step into and leave all your friends and family behind, and hope to live happily ever after. Equestria is that feeling you get when you stand by the ones you love, even when Earth happens to suck.

It’s not some far away, out of reach place that you can never find, no matter how hard you wish for it. Equestria is right here, right now, right under our noses. It’s the spark of friendship that, as Twilight Sparkle put it, “lives in the hearts of us all.”

Equestria is us.

Equestria is you. When you stop and think about it, it always has been.


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  • Mirage

    Ah, very true and feel worthy. Would be a difficult choice though, to leave or not to leave. I suppose I can take solace in the fact that I will never have to answer that for myself, cause I suppose I fear I’d take the guilty decision.

  • Ian Ballinger


  • screw it! im out! *jumps in portal*

  • Shiek927

    I’m inclined to agree really, and I feel disheartened when other people don’t feel the same — rather then looking for an escape, sitting around hoping for a better world, get active and out there….rather then hoping and wanting to live in Equestria, do everything you can to make the world *more like* Equestria….and it could be as simple as extending yourself, and showing a little friendship.

  • Ethan

    I would still go in the portal

  • Moonlight Avenger

    I feel kind of bad that my first comment on this great site is to say something bad… Forgive me people.

    Being good to other people will not change a thing. The next one has exactly the same chance of being a jerk as if you never existed. Specially when people have this tendency of abusing people that are good. Our life is just too complicated for anyone to change anything. People need money, people need stuff and people that are not inclined to take it by force are at the mercy of those who are simply because things aren’t fair. Malicious people tend to be better prepared not only to take stuff but to defend what is theirs.

    This is why we need a government: to enforce consensus, to punish people who violate the collective will. And even them, there are those within this system that will abuse it for personal gain at the expense of others.

    What do we do? We try our best. For some this means screwing others anyway and for others it means helping those who need whenever possible. But this is a black and white that doesn’t exist in our world. No one is perfectly good or perfectly bad. We all exist in a spectrum that exists between the two, and to make things worse, we move from one side to the other at every instant. We will tend to give preferences, we will take stances that are more beneficial to us to a point where we draw a line. But this line can get really blurry in some situations, can’t it?

    Equestria is a simpler world. There the good and the bad are clearly separated. Ponies can be jerks but because of the simple nature of the show, we won’t see child molesters, rapists, mass murderers or anything like that in the show. And even ponies that are trying to “do their best” are still more inclined to be better than us, more complex and realistic humans.

    You just can’t make our world more like Equestria. You’d need the Crystal Empire, Celestia and a lot of people willing to make sacrifices. So, if I ever found a portal to Equestria, I’d jump through way faster than 10 seconds and hope to Celestia, she doesn’t throw me right back.

    • Shiek927

      We are responsible for our own everything – our own happiness and wellbeing, our future which is something we create and not something that happens out of thin air…..Heaven (or “Equestria”) is not a place that you go too, but a place that we create: you cannot expect a benevolent adult to pop into your life one day and give you your happiness and future on a silver platter…we create our own *everything*, and whether we end up with “Equestria” in our own lives, or we manage to create it in the world at large….is something that will be decided by us….and when you truly get that through your head: that what you see is all there is….you feel less inclination to screw it up and appreciate truly everything in your life, and not take anything for granted.

      Through mankind’s greatest natural ability that trumps any other on the planet (intelligence), we have managed to slowly overcome everything else…we weren’t born with wings, but that hasn’t stopped us from building flying machines that traverse through outerspace…what other creature can claim this? The longest lifespan was 30 before the age of medicine….yet, through such-synthetic therapies, we now live a life vastly longer then we were “supposed too”. It may be unnatural, but I doubt anybody is complaining.

      Nature isn’t this indomitable thing that should fearfully be respected….we are the dominant species and we conquer and master nature – that’s what we do….we solve problems and apprehension calls this “playing God”…if people didn’t transcend all these limitations, we wouldn’t even been communicating through this artificial medium called the “Internet” which is about as unnatural as it comes. Unnatural, yet vastly enriching and has been a boon in our lives.

      You have to understand that there is no perfect world… but we’re certainly heading in that direction *anyway* and making life as good as it could possibly get, because that’s ultimately what we *do*….innovations are never exclusively good for us – whether because they have inherent dangers we must watchful for, or because they require maintaining, things are never really perfect….tools i.e. technology i.e. applied science i.e. applied knowledge (and knowledge is power) is just as neutral as nature, and it’s good or bad use is often dictated simply by the one using it. That said, for all the issues that can possibly plague us in this day and age, I never forget to keep things in perspective and how fortunate we are to be alive in 2013 and how good we have it compared to people just a few decades ago….I love movies and media, but I don’t romanticize the past or get all nostalgic often – there is no better time then the Present (except the Future), and how happy we are, our level of capability and well-being…all of it is largely depended on the time-period we live in, and the future is apparently exponentially racing….and that world may not necessarily be perfect, but I do believe it will be more-utopian, where the individual are more-godlike, even if we never really reach these arbitrary labels…..point blank, it won’t be a perfect world, but it will ultimately be a better world where things are better for our children, we further have mastered ourselves and our environment, and we simply make things better then when we got here….because that’s ultimately what we do – we solve problems, and whether or not you call it advancing/transcending or ‘playing God’ or not, it’s hard to deny that, and that if humanity is all about transcending, then we’re really good at our job.

      I mean no disrespect, but the reason I’m telling you all this is to remind you how good we have it compared to anyone, ever, *period*. Read Stephen Pinker’s ‘The Better Angels of our Nature” on how peaceful the world has gotten….read Peter Diamandis “Abundance:The Future is Better then you Think” for a panoply of tech highlights that could help solve some of the world’s grand challenges, or Matt Ridley’s “The Rational Optimist”…I’m not trying to be a blind optimist, but there is a wealth of books and sources that could show you that things are better then the “if it bleeds, it leads” media saturation that we always see, and that maybe, just maybe, things are far better then we commonly think it is.

      But as ever, we are ultimately responsible for our own welfare, and it can be tough to build up positive and productive habits of thought when it seems the idea of living in a place like Equestria is impossible….but it’s not – granted, building “Heaven”, building “Equestria”, in the world at large is what we all want…but even if the world can’t get it yet, if ever, that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to have it *in our own lives*. We are our own Reality Warpers, and our everything we do determines our reality and what we end up with…and though we may never get to experience a world seemingly as perfect as Equestria, we can still make the best with what we’ve got, and work on making our world, our lives, better then how it was when we first got here….and maybe *that* is Equestria.

      • Moonlight Avenger

        I think you are missing my point.
        I’m saying that humans are the problem because of our selfish nature. Even if it is justified.

        We are the same today than we were in the past and every change in society, especially the ones you cite are due to technical advances and it’s not that people are changing. And to top it all, the only reasons people have to do anything good, is that it feels good for them to be good.

        I’m saying that the Equestria the OP describes doesn’t exist, even in the fiction.

        • Shiek927

          Wow….That’s quite a pessimistic view on yourself and humanity….you think human “nature”, whatever that is, is immutable and we’re just selfish individuals and have always been? Surely you have a much better viewpoint then that Hobbesian mentality (“the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”), especially when the quality of life of on this planet is far greater then he could have ever known: the last thing you want is to thing the past was innocent, and the present is sinister, rather then the other way around, and it’s largely because we’ve become less aggressive… human sacrifice, witchcraft, blood libel, violence against blasphemers/heretics/apostates, cruel and unusual punishments, capital punishment, slavery, despotism and political violence, major war between great powers or developed states…all sorts of indicators of violence has gone down overtime, with some like witchcraft completely disappearing as things like empathy, self-control, a moral sense, and *reason* have grown overtime. No, it’s not an indicator that this will continue to go on, or that we live in a perfect world…but things *are* better then one might think.

          I’m not sure this is really the place to have a thread, but once again, I point you to a wealth of books, with Stephen Pinker’s book which I cited earlier as a starting point, to hopefully change your mind. I wouldn’t say your words are misanthropic, but without sounding like a mindless optimist, there is a lot that you could read about which could help to paint a better picture on humanity, and a deserving one at that.

          • Moonlight Avenger

            I was going to answer, but you are right: this is not the right place to have this discussion and I actually feel bad that I started it.

            I”m replying now just to let you know that I read your comments and that I will look for the books you mentioned.

          • Shiek927

            I’m very sorry too, and I’m sorry if I came out as disrespectful and I didn’t understand your words – it was wrong to try and start a debate like this in what was supposed to be a simple pick-me-up post by Sprocket.

            I truly wish you all the best, and that you continue to create Equestria in your life :).

  • Anonymous

    Equestria is a fictional country in a cartoon series, the world is exactly as it was regardless of one semi-weird fandom, and “ponyjoy” is not a word.

    • Anonymous


  • C. Biscuit

    Your column always puts a smile on my face, and reminds me a little of just how wonderful people can be. Thank you for taking the time to write something that spreads the message of love and happiness to it’s readers. :)