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Source: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Season 2, Episode6, “The Cutie Pox”


Stampeding. Horses do it in the wild. Background ponies do it in Ponyville, tearing apart their own town at the first sign of trouble. We bronies do it too. I suppose it’s in our equine nature.

Whether it was the conversion of Discord, the brony documentary, the anticipation of Twilight Sparkle the alicorn, or the prospect of a made-for-TV movie that was only described in the vaguest of terms (in relation to Hasbro’s attempts to shoot for an older audience), you can’t throw a rock in this fandom without hitting somepony who is convinced that whatever is on the horizon is The End of Pony As We Know It.

Everypony has their reasons for feeling that way, and farbeit from me to try to invalidate those feelings. I’m not going to say that the show will be great no matter what. After all, such things are subjective, and what you think makes the show great might not be exactly the same as what I think makes the show great. However, I will say this – it doesn’t matter in the slightest.

On a good week, we get 22 minutes of new pony. Let’s say you re-watch the episode three more times. That’s still only 88 minutes a week spent actually watching the show. Compare that to the amount of time spent talking with one another, sharing your love of pony, reading fan fiction, writing fan fiction, roleplaying, getting involved in the brony music scene, and annoying your friends with your inability to stop grinning when something completely unrelated makes you think about My Little Pony.

Our fandom was built around a love of a great television show, but it is kept alive by our sense of community – by our friendships. At this point, even if the absolute worst case scenario were to happen, and Hasbro fired all the brilliant people involved in production of the show, and replaced them with <<INSERT YOUR LEAST FAVORITE SO-AND-SO HERE>>, it wouldn’t mean the end of our fandom. Even if Season Four were completely unwatchable (which I seriously doubt will be the case), it doesn’t nullify your love for the episodes that originally sparked your passion for pony. It doesn’t make them any less awesome. It certainly doesn’t change the plain and simple truth that friendship is, in fact, magic.

While the show has captivated us all in some way, and even been a life-changing inspiration for thousands upon thousands of us, at the end of the day, we are in it for each other. If there were no fandom, no memes, no fiction, no discussions, and no music, would you really devote as much thought and attention to those pretty pretty ponies as you currently (probably) do? I’d wager not.

We have each other.

We need to stick together. We need to act like a community.

If they were to cancel the show tomorrow, or take it in a direction so remarkably bad that we all unanimously agreed to stop watching, it still wouldn’t mean the end for us. We would still be right here, hanging around our favorite pockets of the Internet, formulating theories about the little details, making memes, and sharing all the joys of past episodes.

Please try to remember that the next time you get to thinking that one of the upcoming episodes might be the ponypocalypse. You should also remember that if you happen to disagree with the neighsayers, and you feel like you’re the only reasonable one around. After all, losing patience with the concerns of your fellow brony really doesn’t help.

Star Trek fans built a fandom of millions from a show that only aired for three seasons. Firefly fans continue to giggle over Jayne’s wool hat and make memes about it, and obsess over the Browncoats, even though there were only 13 episodes total and those all aired over a decade ago.

If anything happens to My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, (and I’m not saying that it will), we bronies will still continue doing what we bronies do best – going completely nuts about the episodes of Pony that we already love, and everything will be fine.

Equestria exists. It’s a place we all go to – maybe not with our feet, but with our hearts. Nobody can take that away from you.

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  • hear! HEAR!!

    sprocket for prez!

  • Mirage

    I really must visit DHN more often, thanks for this. Kinda needed somebody to say this.

  • Ethan

    wow, thats deep man

  • anon36426

    Be rational and reasonable? Fuck that, it’s time to panic.

  • Marko Vinu

    Live long and prosper….. Oh, wait, “wrong” fandom; Live long and trot on!

  • No. No we should not be acting more like a community, because tight-knit communities are that way because they derive a sense of identity from what unites them, and they always irrationally panic like this when they perceive that something is threating the status quo, and their identity with it.

    Look at the religious right in the United States, which are a pretty tight-knit community. Every time someone mentions that other religions live in the country and would maybe like to send their children to school without being forced to recite Christian prayers, they get all up in arms and scream, “OH MY FUCKING GOD WHY ARE THEY PERSECUTING US THIS IS A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY IT’S LIKE THE ROMAN EMPIRE ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!”

    Bronies, like all other fandoms, are the same. Look at Star Wars, for instance. The Ewoks and especially Jar-Jar Binks pissed off fanboys because it made “their” film series look childish, which (they believe) makes THEM look childish by extension. Therefore, their identity as mature fans of SERIOUS science fiction was threatened, and they reacted, ironically, like children throwing a temper tantrum. That’s also why fanboys gush over dark, gritty stuff like the Dark Knight trilogy and the Battlestar Galactica reboot: because they want others to take their interest in sci-fi seriously, and to them nothing says “serious” like dark and gritty. That’s the identity they fashion for themselves, and like with Twilight becoming a “pretty pink princess”, it threatens their identity.

    • Obviously, I don’t mean ALL bronies, or all Christians, or all members of a fandom, just the small subsection that screams bloody murder about the END OF OUR WAY OF LIFE!

      That’s the problem with internet comments: in the rush to post there’s no time for reflection and a second pass at writing it.

      • Marko Vinu

        ‘Tis kewl and you did raise a valid concern. There will always be those who would want to distance them selves from others with similar interests just over few issues that they do not agree with.

        However, I do believe that most of the post was aimed at those who are acceptive of others and their differences and actually love such diversity because it enriches the community as a reminder of why they chose to stay here in the first place. Or at least that’s what I want to believe in. I remember that this was a very acceptive, loosely-knit community where differences of opinion were accepted as valid due to differences in point of view, and I still choose to believe that that’s the case. Call me naive all you won’t, I won’t mind it because I know you’re right; I’m still going to ignore it, though.

        As for the “children throwing a temper tantrum” (holy shiet, you just made my day with that statement – it’s so awesome), I do believe in the concept of loud minority vs. silent majority. I’m pretty sure that for 1 CTTT “fan”, there are 8 more who are going to enjoy the show because they find it entertaining and want to find out where it goes from there, and 2 more who are just joining and are loving it so far.

        I do believe that the core of this “problem” is that, as you stated in a way, some expect for things to roll out they way they want them to, feeling that the creators actually owe them something for being their audience, and when things go the other way (which they might not approve), they take it as a personal insult and sign that the creators are trampling on the “trust” that was given to them.

        Terribly sorry for the wall of text; I don’t usually blabber on this much…

  • PCP2443

    Continuing to love these editorials, thank you Sprocket for being an AWESOME Brony!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this reminder that a LOT of people need to see <3

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter if the series gets bad or cancelled? What an awful thing to say. Fans of the fandom are truly the worst type.

  • Supertide

    The fandom won’t stay together after the reboot. Maybe some “die-hard” fans will desperately keep it on life support because they take all this way too seriously but they won’t matter.