by ~xkappax
We did some of this during the summer, but I figure its time to go fishing again.  I am looking for possibly a few people who would like to do some article writing.  And what I mean by article is some of the “repeated” things you see around here.  Two good examples is we’ve had Pacce join the crew to write episode reviews, and even right now I’m working on another Tumblr Digest.
Basic idea in my head is a few people who would tackle a subject per week, if I had a few individuals writing 1 article a week, we’d be styling.  Show related is best, but there are a few things in the community we would love to cover.
You can send a message via our submission system, and we’ll get into contact with you.
– DerpySquad

(And article doesn’t just mean words, game reviews, music collections, etc.)