So if you didn’t catch it, Hot Topic, that store that loves to sell trendy stuff, now has pony shirts.  Now don’t get excited, because obviously they did not read Purple Tinker’s presentation on pony merch.  Product wise, its pretty sad, and generic.  The above are the two shirts available.

In general from what the pony public has said, the images are generic vectors.  For some reason on the white shirt Twilight Sparkle’s cutie mark is more or less floating about her flank, and then a repeat of Pinkie Pie’s vector on the black shirt.  I guess they know she likes cupcakes, so maybe someone watched the show, but its also been pointed out that there is an Invader Zim shirt that is more or less the same.

Community wise there has been a ton of hub bub about it.  Of course first the fact that it is Hot Topic, and fears this might cause trendy people to join the brony culture.  I saw a lot of talk of emo kids who might wear this (while others said they would not, because its not dark and depressing).  Some have even questioned if these shirts are licensed by Hasbro, which I’m sure the dark pit of HT Lawyers will tell you, of course.  Should we worry?  Doubtful.  But instead of me spouting off what I think, and since people have discovered the anon function is turned on in the comments, readers of Derp, what do you think of this (if anything).

  • derpymaths

    im going to have to fully disagree as i feel a cupcake could, potentially, make a very nice hat. seriously though, those generic vectors are so over-used…

  • DerpySquad

    Hey DM, check your e-mail, I sent ya one about a week ago, figured the wolves had gotten ya when you were camping.

  • frith

    With mundane wear like that it should be easy to tell the fans from the pretenders or from… what's that word the cool kids use? Posers? Oh yeah: hipsters.

  • VioletYoshi

    I'm just hoping there will be someone who can manage to sell plus size MLP FiM shirts.

  • VioletYoshi

    I just wanted to add something to make it clear, offering shirts in 2x is the minimum requirement for plus size. So apparently they're saying, "We're offering shirts sized to fit those who are slightly non-Anorexic, so we've managed to cater to the plus size market" No that is NOT how it works, please Hasbro find a company willing to sell MLP FiM shirts to Torrid, like Doe. I'm sick of the notion that I can't participate in popular culture, because it appears it's only privileged towards thin people.

  • Anonymous

    Shut up, fatass.

  • VioletYoshi

    I may be fat, but I don't need to hate to feel good about myself!