The above is one of the latest t-shirts available from Hot Topic.  It features Rainbow Dash’s hair and the catch phrase This shirt just got 20% cooler.  I try not to sling my opinion on merchandise, but Celestia save us all from the hipsters at Hot Topic.  Click here to see the Hot Topic page.

The above is the original picture used on the t-shirt, and it doesn’t belong to Hasbro or Hot Topic.  The above work was done by Megasweet, as found on an EqD article from May, Megasweet Wallpaper Pack.  So we have some fanart thievery going on here.
Megasweet is aware of this, and has e-mailed Hot Topic to get an answer.  In the world of copyright law, artistic works are copyrighted under the IP laws and from what I am told by law friends, there is ground to stand on here if MS didn’t give any kind of permission.
So we’ll see what happens, I’d say lets not mob Hot Topic like we did the MLP facebook over some bad trolling on youtubers, but well, its Hot Topic.
(Thanks to Shelltoon for the tip off and links!)

  • LosthopeOfDusk

    I hope everything ends being okay.

  • Tradewind

    Well, looks like I'll be encouraging my fellow Herd members to boycott Hot Topic till this is resolved. …not sure many of them shop there anyway, but what the hay.

  • frith

    I will not buy a t-shirt with a catch phrase on it, unless it's reduced to a jumble of words in part of a word cloud.

  • Anonymous

    "20 percent" was never that funny to me in the first place and now it's just annoying.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    pwnt hot topic.

    also you forgot to add 'sp' to the .jsp address.

    But yeah theft of IP and all, you could instantly sue, being in america n all.
    But who knows, they might offer MS some free shirts or something.

  • Dashie

    Megasweet is an awesome artist, but using his art for your own material gains is not right, hot topic…

  • Epesi

    Everyone's sure quick to point their pitchforks at Hot Topic, but did they MAKE the shirt? Because I thought they got their pony stuff from Mighty Fine. I could be wrong, but I strongly suspect there is some misdirection of blame going on here.

  • Anonymous

    This is not the first time Hot Topic has had stolen art on its merchandise. Though it's not Hot Topic that makes the products – ask the supplier where the graphic came from.

    Realistically Hot Topic can't scour the internet for sources, but this is just a dirty thing.

  • Anonymous

    MS contacted them and will be compensated. Fear not.