Following up from the prototypes that showed up recently, Hot Topic has a couple of vinyl figures up for sale on their website.  The first is Rainbow Dash, and the second is our one and only Derpy.  The quality isn’t the highest in the world (the seams are pretty obvious), but it’s a step up compared to, say, blind bags.  Considering how fast official Derpy merchandise tends to move, one might want to hop on this while the hopping’s good.


[Source:  EQD]

  • Jody Morgan

    Aaand she’s sold out — again. The scalpers chalk up another win.

    • Chriz

      Just added about 700 more of each one, spread the word

  • I gotta get one

  • Dragon :D

    Do we know if these are going to be a limited amount?

  • ChaseZero

    I just ordered a Derpy one, it’s 11pm mountain time, and it went through just fine.

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Citrus Rain

    8:16 Eastern standard time. Successfully ordered both.

    But it really REALLY irks me that the “Yes I want to receive promotional emails” was pre-checked. – Which I noticed it fade out so I could not uncheck it a few seconds after I entered my email. (I am soo reporting this to that wiki I found a few weeks back that lists these shady practices.)

  • Aponymous

    hmm I wonder if DJ-Pon3 will be the next ‘scratchy’ looking VINYL figure put up for sale? :P
    (sorry I really couldn’t resist)

  • Rainbow Dash

    *sigh* aaaand They’re sold out AGAIN. I need a Derpy! Stupid cheaters who just buy them and sell them at ridiculous prices

  • Midnight Overdrive

    I just bought 2 of each at an actual store. Woo. I might not be able to afford the SDCC Derpy but I actually like this Derpy WAYYY better. No hair to brush and IT WAS ONLY $14.50 for 3 and I got the 4th free! Hot Topic is off of my list of hated stores!