Found this random test while watching /co/ earlier today, How Much of a brony are you?  Sadly I only got a score of 66%, but as the test noted, they leave room for the mega-fan (though you could cheat).  For example near the end, you had to pick the order of “Numbers” RD had during Sonic Rainboom, when she kept switching them.  Now, get yourself tested.

How much of a brony are you?

  • snakewich

    I couldn't get the link to work all I got was the image.

    Thank you for sharing, sounds great :)

  • DerpySquad

    I need to change the 'link' color of text, since its black like everything else. Click the "How Much of a brony are you" at the bottom (and I just made the banner a link too).

  • frith

    RD's numbers was like the hardest of the questions.

  • Saddle_Tramp

    81%, awwwwwww yeaaah

  • Solarn

    79%. Not bad for having found out about the show two weeks ago.

  • Anonymous

    474 of 500 points -> 95%
    I'm so proud right now =')