Playdate Premiere

A few hours ago, The Hub launched a set of “Playdate” pages on their website, advertising the double premiere of Season 3 and Littlest Pet Shop. (Probably to use the popularity of the first show to promote the second.)

Those who asked in the comments about a larger version of the Entertainment Weekly images will be delighted—now you can get your spoilery action scene in up to 1920 × 1600. (Unfortunately no widescreen formats again, but try to use Resynthesizer.)

Another interesting tidbit is that they used Kat Stenson’s older (February 2011 on DeviantArt) picture of the Cutie Mark Crusaders with cutie marks on the last page of playdate-recipes.pdf (she’s working on the show, so they likely have the permission to use it). While these particular cutie marks are probably out of the question, people have pointed out that the episode titles seem to indicate that they are wrapping up loose ends, and here we have The Hub teasing us with three of them. It may also be that a publication designer at The Hub had the choice between this image and a number of old stock vectors.

  • The using of older Cutie Mark Crusaders is quite interesting! And why the heck aren’t they offering widescreen desktop backgrounds? Sure, my desktop computer has a 4:3 monitor, but my laptop (which I use more often) is 16:9! And other laptops are 16:10.

  • Thanks for that link on our site! For a second I forgot where I’d seen that CMC image (Kat Stenson’s) before and I was starting to freak out about it’s implications for Season 3.

    • Me too, but then I Google reverse image searched. ;-)