The Coronation of the Elements of Harmony (Song) by Windskyed

The Coronation of the Elements of Harmony (Song) by Windskyed

The Hub is broadcasting a slightly amended version of their generic season 3 promo. The new one ends with the announcement: “Don’t miss The Hub’s My Little Pony Princess Coronation, Saturday February 16th, at 10:30 a.m. Eastern, 7:30 Pacific.” (Emphasis mine.)

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the title of the finale really is “Princess Coronation”—the premiere of “A Canterlot Wedding” was also marketed just as “Royal Wedding,” and The Hub referred to the season 3 premiere of MLP and LPS as “Playdate” premiere—but the actual title is probably not much different if at all.

Thanks also to Seth who has swiftly grabbed his phone and recorded it (or maybe he recorded it first and then firmed it again with his phone). Once a better quality becomes available, we’ll swap it in. Watch it after the break.

  • immblueversion

    A fanbase-shattering title with one of the show’s best writers on board and multiple documentations of this being the favorite episode of the season to multiple writers?


    • Anonymous

      Interesting. Where is this documentation about this being a writer-favorite episode of the season?

  • Anonymous

    My theory inb4 alicorn Twilight hate: They zoom in on Twilight when they say the whole thing of a pony finding her destiny to mislead us. Remember the Princess Skyla plush that came out not too long ago? She hasn’t appeared in the show yet, so my guess is Cadence and Shining have a kid, Skyla, and cuz royal bloodline, the kid is a princess.

    • Anonymous

      Yes but the birth of a princess does not warrant a coronation. Coronations are to crown rulers, not the offspring of royalty.

  • Seraphem

    Or, could be the Coronation of Cadance as the official leader of the Crystal Empire

    OR, The flashback episode showing us how the Sisters came to power we’ve had hinted at.

    one thing I do hate about this fandom is how quickly everyone freaks about about everything before all the information is had,

    • >>could be the Coronation of Cadance as the official leader of the Crystal Empire<<

      Yeah, considering, you know, we already know she becomes the ruler of the Crystal Empire and that a Crystal Pony specifically shouted "The Crystal Princess has returned!"

      • Seraphem

        And? This could just be her official coronation. A ton of Real Life coronations take place after the person has been in charge for awhile. It’s just the official ceremony.

        • That’s exactly what I just said.

          • Seraphem

            Oh, sorry, hard to make out tone. Thought it was a dismissive ” Pish she’s already in charge why would she need a coronation” thing my bad.

            Though, overall, I still think the Celestia and Luna backstory is the most likely.

      • shroom1up

        HOLD YOUR HORSES. we ONLY know that shining armor and cadence stay in the crystal empire to handle the rest of paperwork and stuff. there was never a real confirmation that they stayed there now forever. this whole cadance is now their princess thing is yet another unconfirmed rumor in the fandom and jsut because some chrystal ponies THOGUHT she was their princess doesn´t mean she is.imean their were cast away for 1000 years and didn´t seem to mentaly on the top yet.
        i mean luna and celestia counted as founders and gods of equestria since hearths warming eve, and then we found out oh they weren´t specialy the god thing, since a bunch of unicorns can raise the sun and the moon aswell.

        • Anonymous

          But remember the crystal ponies forgot a lot of their past maybe cadence forgot some of her past too? Also i don’t think it was a coincidence that her cutie mark looks just like the crystal heart. I personally think it is twilight becoming a princess because don’t forget in the crystal empire episode Celestia said that if she passed the test she would be ready to move on to the next phase….also i don’t think other unicorns ever raise the sun and moon :L

    • Anonymous

      That would be neat….. I do want prequel-like episodes about Celestia and Luna before they were immortal, non-aging, practically all-powerful rulers. I kind of would like to know how that works. Like, who or what grants them this immortality and would this be the same thing that makes their manes and tails all perma-windy?! Granny Smith obvi aged. In that episode they show Princess Celestia to look exactly the same. We know she and Luna are over 1000 years old… I want to know how and why.
      Not that I don’t like Cadance and all, but a coronation episode of her officially ruling the Crystal Empire would be disappointing and lame as a season finale. :/ I hope it’s cooler than that.

  • Anonymous

    think about this though,
    in the beggining of season 3, during the conversation between princess celestia and luna, celestia says
    “if twilight suceeds she will be that much closer to being ready, what does that mean? also we cant forget the letter from DHX

    • Anonymous

      What letter from DHX?

      • bronydash925

        there wasn’t an actual “letter”… it had to do with stocks and earnings for DHX’s producitions and it listen MLP FiM’s earnings as [x] amount of earnings for seasons 2-4… thus hinting that there may be a season 4

    • Are you talking about the document that confirms Season 4? Please inform us.

      • He is probably talking about the reddit fake rumor.

        • bronydash925

          Was it fake? I never actually heard that bit. If it’s fake, and Twilight “fulfills” her destiny and such this season… I don’t see a Season 4 in the works… and that’s okay because then there’s more room for fan work without the fan work contradicting with the show, and then we get to see G5 sooner (which you would hope Hasbro would have learned to take quality over quantity and hire good directors). Whether Season 3 is the last season or not, I think people just need to calm down and not blow things into something they aren’t yet.

          • Anonymous

            i think there will be a season 4, think about the money hasbro would lose by canceling the show. we are a jackpot to them

          • Anonymous

            its not fake they got a lot of money for them to do a season 4…but it’ll only have 26 episodes look for the wiki page it explains alot! :3

  • Anonymous

    The cover pic: at first I was like “wuuut. is dat applejack with a horn”

    Then I realised: we alicorn now.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    im talking about the whole letter about twilight being a alicorn and derpy going away

    • And by “letter”, you mean absolutely unconfirmed rumor on reddit that could’ve been posted by anyone with access to the internet.

      • Anonymous

        yes….. dumb move on my part. but it does seem legit

        • Zain

          It looked completely fake until this point, actually. Everybody thought it was complete bs. Now that derpy hasn’t shown up at ALL in season 3, and the finale is called princess coronation… Well, we’ll just have to see.

          • Anonymous

            Derpy wasn’t necessarily a main character..also if you look hard enough you can find her in many of the episodes! same with time-turner (a.k.a doctor whooves)

  • Applepie

    Princess Skyla I guess.

  • John Kingston

    well this changes things, what ever happens fellow Bronies don’t let this divide us…lets take this as a moment to realize that we do not control the show, Hasbro does. while the thought of Twilight(who’s my favorite pony) becoming an alicorn is really upsetting to me it’s life. Just accept it and keep loving the show

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  • Kathleen

    The coronation is of Twilight!!!!!! I saw a picture and SHE HAS PEGASUS WINGS AND A CROWN AND EVERYTHING LIKE LUNA, CADENCE, AND PRINCESS CELESTIA!!!!

  • yo hablo español y digo q es la coronacion de twilight porque vi una imagen de ella igual q Kathleen

  • Homeponyt

    It’s true. My ma works at hasbro and she told
    me twilight is gonna be a princess

    • Anonymous


  • yo siempre espere este momento me encanta twilight es mi favorita al igual que applejack y raimbow dash no me gusta mucho pinkie porque solo piensa en diversion, no me gusta rarity porque piensa en su ropa y moda y no me gusta fluttershy porque es muy miedosa.

    • >Rainbow dash no me gusta mucho

      Something must have been lost in translation…. It sound like you are saying you don’t like the most super-ultra-extreme-awesomazing pony in ponyville!