Hub Ratings – “Flight to the Finish”

The ratings are in for MLP 405 Flight to the Finish, info and details submitted by StatManDan:

For the fourth week running, MLP: FiM was the most-viewed program on the Hub. “Flight to the Finish” drew 568,000 viewers on Saturday which was an increase of 43% compared to “Daring Don’t” in its first showing. It is the second-highest viewed episode of Season Four (counting the opening two-parter as one) and the third known episode to break half a million viewers (“Princess Twilight Sparkle,” “The Crystal Empire”). We never got any viewership numbers for “Magical Mystery Cure.” Otherwise, “Flight to the Finish” would be confirmed as the most watched non two-parter in the history of the series.

Here are the updated season numbers (numbers only count first-run episodes):

MLP Season 4:

  • Episodes as of December 14th: 5
  • High: 733,000 (“Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 1”, 11/23)
  • Low: 397,000 (“Daring Don’t”, 12/7)
  • Average Viewership: 573,600
  • Highest Placing: 1st (four times)
  • Lowest Placing: 2nd (“Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 2”, 11/23)
  • Average Placing: 1st
 [ Source: TvMediaInsights ]

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