Well it seems a commercial came out for the Hub’s Naughty or Nice competition, a voting between good and bad characters of their shows.  If not mistaken the winner last year had a little mini-marathon, and I’d have to double check but I think our community had dominated this competition with Nightmare Moon.  This year our good friend Discord is in the running (and probably will win).
But a more interesting fact is the commercial advertising this apparently is using fanart.  The images to the left is our evidence so far.  The above image is a screen of the Naughty or Nice commercial, while the image below is one created by community art Rose.  There’s no idea how this happened, one theory is whoever made the commercial might have used something like google image to find pictures of Discord, and just happen to pick fanart.
This is the second time it has happened.  Previously WeLoveFine ended up producing t-shirts which featured artwork by community artist Megasweet, who ended up brokering a deal with them.
Of course the chatter has already started, but Rose has more or less said they are fine with it. Also keep in mind this is a commercial and not a t-shirt, so its not really like is making money off of it.
To quote the journal.  My art was used in a HUB commercial and you bet your socks that I’m freaking out (but I should probably e-mail them or something since they took it without a word, but I don’t mind).”

There is also a reddit thread going over here about it, where Rose has also made a comment on the subject.

“Hello! The artist to the Discord picture here, I don’t know how to use Reddit very well (or at all) so I hope I’m doing this right. Hasbro did not ask, no. But it’s not like I mind because MLP such belong to them, I’m just in the middle of a freakout right now that they’d even use my picture.”

You can watch the video here.
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    Dragon huh?

  • 8ftmetalhead

    easier than draconequus or however you spell it. Hell even I don't know without looking it up.

  • Anonymous

    It'll be interesting to see if anything comes of this. Because while I understand the flattered attitude of the artist Rose, at the same time, it's not cool to steal someone's artwork without credit. But if it is artwork of a character to which you own the rights to? I dunno. IANAL.

    Also, DHN team, keep up the great work. This is site I come to first for pony news now. EqD has its merits, but they seem to prioritize fanfics and remixes over news. And when they do post news, it is usually not thoroughly researched like it is here. So thanks DerpySquad and everyone else at DH.

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    Татьяна Шитова