Hubworld Gaming – Pony Puzzles

While checking the DHN Facebook account, I see the Hubworld has released  a pony puzzle game that may help you waste a few hours at work.  There are three different puzzle games based around the picture above, and three levels of difficulty.  Of course I recommend the Difficulty Level 3, as these games I’m sure are built towards the demographic audience.  All games have a time to beat, though unlimited time to finish the puzzle.

Puzzle 1: Squares
Simple enough, you have the picture which is scrambled up into squares, as seen in the picture.  This isn’t one of those puzzles you slide the pieces around, just a simple click on one square and another to switch them around.  Shouldn’t take you too long to win this one.

 Puzzle 2: Tetris Style?
Well not exactly Tetris, but you are given random shapes kind of like Tetris in which you click on the puzzle and slowly reveal the image.  A little more challenging than the Squares puzzle, as you end up with little sections of puzzle that have not been revealed.

Puzzle 3:  Circles of Doom
This one is probably the hardest, though its namely the last piece in the middle I seem to have trouble aligning.  Basic concept, you have these multiple circles that you need to spin around and match up with the rest of the picture.  As said the middle one is tiny and even when it looked like it was matched up, didn’t seem to want to click.  I ended up giving up, but then again I’m sitting 3 feet away from the monitor at high resolution.  Using the zoom option on your browser would help too.

I’ll have to look around, there’s probably some other Hubworld Games I haven’t caught.  I’ll also note we’ll be doing more gaming reviews here at DHN, we kind of stopped doing reviews once Equestria Gaming came around.  I helped Strawberry Spice get the site started way back in the spring, but it seems the fires have died down around there.  Strawberry I know had to bow out due to schooling, and his replacement Sapphire Sphere had been running the show for awhile, but at this point in time its been 5 weeks since the last game review.  So keep an eye out, and feel free to toss me any indie games you’ve come across.

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    Fluttershy is awesome, like these puzzles!