Hurricane Fluttershy Preview

For whatever reason, The Hub decided to start airing teasers for upcoming episodes this late in the season.
Watch it embedded after the

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  • TheRike42

    I love how My Little Pony gets such epic trailers. I mean seriously EPIC.

  • DJ Majaro

    Yay! more finger wings…

  • Anonymous

    Jesus Christ that white horse is gonna give me nightmares…
    In other news it looks like we’re finally gonna get some more pegasus weather control and other Equestria related things.
    Guess I’ll add some scenes from this episode to the collection of Season 2’s moments, just like this episode with the phoenixes

  • So judging from the white pegasus…steroids canon in Equestria?

  • Botti13

    Was there a video behind the pixels?

  • Anonymous

    I saw a bit of derpy’s hair

  • MrSeyker

    Lots of Rainbow Dash for an episode called Huricane Fluttershy…

    They better not steal FS of a spotlight episode.

  • Danielle

    I saw a bit of Derpy’s hair too!
    Also, Rainbow Dash = Hurricane Fluttershy? What?

  • Anonymous

    WOW that’s a manly pegasus in the video still o_o

  • Anonymous

    Thhe steriods pony has no wings