If you’re wondering about /co/.  Basically starting Sunday Afternoon, at least one mod started to ban people and purge threads.  I’m sure I”m not alone that said “f this” and walked away for the day, but I see its still going on.  Official word from the mod is this…
Its kind of funny because the mod obviously knows nothing about the fandom, else the archive marker that points out the general thread (so we can stay in one) is now locked up in a closed thread.  And of course your generic hurr durr furry thing.  One thing that is missing is I did catch a mod saying “keep it clean”, and indeed its been pretty raunchy lately (diaper twilight bot doesn’t help either), but still no confirmed facts.
I’ve heard that /v/ was flooded with ponies, which pissed people off.  Other /co/ comrades got bitchy about the filth that did appear in the thread.  I’d put my money that the mod is just getting their jollies by creating some drama.
Thankfully threads can be manually marked now, but from what I see its just a bunch of hurr durr on both sides at the moment.  Mods are dumb.  Ponyfags get out, go post on ponychan.  And so on.  Ah Tuesday, what will you bring me.
On a side note, Plaster will be taking a break from ponies.
  • Anonymous

    Nice to knwo someone took care about mad plaster.
    I would say he was worse than Seth but that is not true actually.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    tuesday's nearly over here. Nothing much new has come up yet.
    Weather's cold as fuck and people still take the internet far too seriously.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    also what's with all this hating on eqd and seth?

  • DerpySquad

    Basically not everyone is a fan of EqD and Seth, go onto /co/ sometime (when its not in crazy mode) and just ask for opinions, they all won't be positive, but such is life.

    (inb4 that one tard jumps up and calls me a neckbeard)

  • derpymaths

    glad to see you're holdin it together DS! onwards to greener pastures!! just a note: I am extraordinarily obtuse towards the grumblings of the ponyweb, so if my ignorance is offensive to anyone, i do apologize. i hope plaster comes to his senses soon, he will be missed :(

  • Kai the Hentai

    does that make the any Wolverine related threads furry threads?

  • Monix

    Yeah there was some ponies on /v/ Sunday. Got banned for 3 days for posting a pony picture in one of the threads. Saged, but still got banned. Oh well.

  • The Dread Pirate Roberts

    I'm always fascinated by the sheer volume of creative output from this fan community. A lot of it's brilliant, and it's easy enough to avoid that which you find objectionable. At the same time, there are time when the little turf wars, hissy fits and allegiances in this fandom just make me want to *facehoof*. For myself, at least, it is enough for me to enjoy the cartoon and the company of good friends who also happen to be fans.

    I didn't get into it via the internet memes (I was deployed overseas when they started), I got into it because some friends of mine who are artists told me it was a good show, and I trusted their judgement enough to take a look for myself. I've always been a fan of good cartoons, and hated rubbish ones (like many of the 25-minute commercials of the 80s).

    But yeah, the drama needs to stop.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Roberts almost completely. So many people are getting into these huge arguments over almost nothing. That's not what being a brony's all about, and it isn't cool.

    I'm guessing it's just because of us being stuck in this between-season rut. I hope that by the time season 2 starts up we'll all be loving and tolerating the shit out of eachother again.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    pretty much. Not long left now either.