“Hey everypony! Princess Celestia is here!”

LOL WUT comes to mind a couple times though.

Story of the Flanks
First off, I played The Story of The Flanks last night when it appeared on EqD. Styled as a NES RPG where you play as Applebloom following Twilight into the Everfree Forest.

It was interesting enough and it definitely did the job of being scary when it needed to be. The story kinda fell flat though. It’s worth a playthrough over on Newgrounds .

This isn’t news

Then finally, while channeling my inner Princess Trollestia (Congrats on 1000 fans!). Have some real ponies. Thanks to some guy who is filled with solutions (that’s probably not all he’s full of).

If you have a kid and live around Dallas, hire these guys who can get your kid their very own MY LITTLE PONY THEME PARTY WITH COLORED AND MANICURED REAL PONIES.

They do dress the ponies up for boys who want to be Knights though, I think that’s seriously cool.

I personally find real ponies gross. I’ll stick to my colorful cartoon ponies, thank you.

[Hey! That Evil Scrollbar is gone!]

  • ==Maverick==

    Now if only you can keep websites from opening in the blog post…lol


  • DerpySquad

    You know, I never thought about that, and no one has ever mentioned it. But its true, links are opened in the middle section of the site. Its due to the fact that I open new tabs with a right click instead of just left click links. I'll ponder that was the site changes for fall.

  • Plaster

    yeah middle click is the way to go. I never open a link without selecting new tab or otherwise nowadays.

  • ==Maverick==

    a target="_blank" after the link in the href will fix the site problem…should anyways…but thats a lot of editing everytime you post a link, I can just open in new tab. :D