In the comments RIGHT NOW, please answer this question:

Would you like to either see:

A)Me to continue on the current strategy of posting news, as in post with the idea in mind that everyone goes to EqD and act as this is a supplementary news source for things they haven’t posted (yet).


B)Go down a new path with the intention of being a completely alternative source for news, including blatantly ripping (but properly sourcing) news from EqD?

I have heard both sides, some people don’t like going to EqD and there are people like me who visit both religiously.

Once again ANSWER EITHER A OR B IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. Or if you have a different idea of what I should be doing, this is your chance!

  • Sterling_Facade

    I enjoy coming here for supplementary news that isn't on daily and the occasionally the pmv that doesn't show up on daily so I say A.

  • frith

    Oh man, pop quiz and not only did I not study for it, I am _so_ sleepy. What was the question again? Bah, I'll just copy off of Sterling… Yeah, I look to see if you have different news, but I don't mind if you got it off Eq.D. I also check to see if you have any new 1080p uploads linked. I go here and then to Eq. D., so I read both sites.

  • nh4no3

    B. EqD is a hole and has too much stupid shit. I shouldn't have to wade through that cesspit just to get the news.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    I find this site to be particularly good as a gateway site, and during the seasons I visited here almost as much as EQD. I still check in regularly, but I do tend to spend more time on EQD.

    In any case though, I think it wouldn't be a good idea to try and compete with EQD, if there's enough demand for a seperate/supplementary community then perhaps sure, but otherwise, keep up what you're doing.

    So yeah A.

  • Gage

    B. Straight up.

  • pwny_pokes

    C. EqD usually has a lot of non-news, I would just take the "real" news.

    Make more daily content like pic dumps, small news compilations and start doing fics.

    I know a lot of people don't like them, but if they can't "love and tolerate" GTFO, you have no part in this community.

    What I hate about Eqd is the complete onslaught of PMV's that are just lazy, like just putting music in the background and just rolling some random scenes.

  • Plaster

    if i could figure out how to frickin link my blogger account to live writer or word i'd be able to put breaks into posts and i probably would do art dump posts.

    Also I don't do video posts generally, unless its a cool remix. I won't do fics, i know it's a huge part of the traffic volume on EqD, but there's a small sect in the fanbase that would rather come here because there's no fiction.

    also plan b would not entail competing with EqD, just to clarify. This would be reporting the same things, as an alternative.

  • pwny_pokes

    So you rather exclude a large portion of possible visitors for a few that don't like fics. Don't get me wrong I don't care much for the fics, but in my opinion it would be a dumb move not to add them.

  • Pyritie

    B, mostly because a bunch of people are complaining that EqD is turning into ponychan too much

    more news and otherwise good stuff (no crappy fics, half-assed PMVs, etc) would be ideal

  • David

    I always come here first, then wander off to other pony related sites EqD. I don't see any problem with making re-reporting EqD's news either, so I'd say, B, option B.

  • Zeetermin

    Personally, I almost never go to EqD, and I agree that there´s too much extranious material that not everyone cares about on it.

    I'd much prefer option B.

  • Bronies

    We always get the PMV's and YTP before ED if you want a news source. Also moslty news/articles are in our group first before ED. Even that, i do not post same content as ED, try to avoid it.

    You could post ART from DA or something if you dont like repeated content.


  • Grey Nightmare

    What Pyritie said, EqD is great but the actual news appears for about an hour a day before masses of fanfics, pmvs and other subpar stuff pushes it out of sight :(

    Option B!

  • Plaster

    sorry pwny, I agree with you though. I want the traffic, just not the work of the incoming fic onslaught.

  • derpymaths

    option B..but at the same time.. i really like, i prefer it to EqD b/c it is not super-swamped with fics. i dont mind fics, but… i prefer pony-related news.. i also like your taste in videos–i think you're doing a great job here as it is though, so either way, keep it up!

  • short paws

    A please. I like reading both.

  • nh4no3

    Love and Tolerance has absolutely nothing to do with MLP:FiM.

    Or did you miss the part where every antagonist, outsider, or annoying creature is driven out of Ponyville?

  • DerpySquad

    Well I guess since comments have dried up, its time for the Big Cheese to speak his mind.

    Tally wise, Choice B won by at least twice the votes as Choice A, and this is where my vote goes, because its mainly what I was doing or at least trying to do before the season end and things got slow around here. I always considered DerpyHooves to be the alternative news site, that sticks mainly to the news that the community should read, or at least what I thought was important enough.

    Taking news from EqD is nothing new here, I did this for many months, anything I felt that should be repeated, I would post. Main reason is that like some have said, EqD FLIES by with posts, many things get buried within hours due to the other non-news related materials, namely the FanFics.

    Prime example is the FiM Flash Game update. That is long gone from the front page of EqD, and probably beyond page 2 by now, yet here because of our more slow nature, it remains for people to catch and read.

    Like many, I go to EqD multiple times a day, but in general am too lazy to go looking back at Page 2, so if its a busy day and I don't get to check the site many times, things slip by.

    On the subject of FanFics, I'm with Plaster on this one. I consider the fanfics to be a trademark of EqD, and again traffic here isn't a major concern of mine. Again, thrilled with what we have going on, but I'm not going to be a sad pony if no one comes here, just means the site stops updating and collects dust. I've said this about online games that I run, I'll keep the fires burning until no one comes.

    If I was to do fanfics, it wouldn't be so front page as EqD. I would love to create a library section that has all the fanfics laid out for people to find, but would rather avoid the constant updates on the front page. What I would probably go for is section on the right side that would show when fanfics were updated (and linking them to their page).

    Personally I would like to feature the artists out there, as they're kind of not featured that much on EqD, though featuring them is lacking here too at the moment.

    Anyways, yes I"m long winded, you guys will be learning this as I plan on writing some articles about the fandom, my own history with the fandom, and some other pony related things (and actually do some real reporting).

    I think our main goal in posts should be…

    – Community & Show Related News (the stuff that seems important enough)
    – Featuring the good PMVs as we've been doing.
    – Featuring artists.
    – Gateway Site with links to all corners of the community.

    And of course posting when new episodes are available for download, when the youtubes release their copies and what we were doing during the season. Friday was always our heavy traffic day, mainly because people were looking for those things.

    So that's my two bits.

  • Plaster

    more like 20 bits. I'm pretty pleased at how much I agree with your points. Glad you're the boss, boss.

  • Grey Nightmare

    Awesome guys!